Organon Enters Into Distribution Agreement For Anzemet(R)

Published: Dec 05, 2005

ROSELAND, N.J., Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Organon USA Inc., a business unit of Akzo Nobel NV, announced that they have entered into a distribution agreement for Anzemet(R) Injection (dolasetron mesylate injection) with Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc., a member of the sanofi-aventis Group, which will be become effective January 1, 2006.

Organon USA Inc. will be responsible for the marketing, sales, and managed markets activities including pricing and contracting as well as recording sales for Anzemet(R) Injection for use in the prevention and treatment of postoperative nausea and/or vomiting (PONV). Organon USA will promote Anzemet Injection to the anesthesia community within the hospital market for PONV.

"Organon is very excited about our agreement with sanofi-aventis for Anzemet(R) for PONV. We have a well-established commitment in anesthesia and we have maintained a leadership position with Zemuron(R) (rocuronium bromide) for injection. Anzemet Injection will be a valued addition to our anesthesia portfolio," said Michael Novinski, president of Organon USA Inc.

About Anzemet

ANZEMET Injection is indicated for the prevention of nausea and vomiting associated with initial and repeat courses of emetogenic cancer chemotherapy, including high dose cisplatin; the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting. As with other antiemetics, routine prophylaxis is not recommended for patients in whom there is little expectation that nausea and/or vomiting will occur postoperatively. In patients where nausea and/or vomiting must be avoided postoperatively, ANZEMET Injection is recommended even where the incidence of postoperative nausea and/or vomiting is low; and the treatment of postoperative nausea and/or vomiting.

The most common adverse events (greater than or equal to) in postoperative patients are headache, dizziness, and hypotension. Anzemet(R) can cause ECG interval changes; it should be administered with caution in patients who have or may develop prolongation of cardiac conduction intervals.

About Organon

Organon, with shared head offices in Roseland, NJ, USA and Oss, The Netherlands creates, manufactures and markets prescription medicines that improve the health and quality of human life. Through a combination of independent growth and business partnerships, Organon strives to remain or become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in each of its core therapeutic fields: reproductive medicine, psychiatry and anesthesia. Organon products are sold in over 100 countries, of which more than 60 have an Organon subsidiary. Organon is the human health care business unit of Akzo Nobel. For more information about Organon, please go to

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