Optra Systems Joins Microsoft In Its BIO-IT Alliance Initiative For Life Science Image Informatics

Published: Dec 16, 2008

Optra Systems a leading life science and healthcare IT consulting company today announced its joining the Microsoft BioIT Alliance.

"We are delighted to welcome Optra Systems into the BioIT Alliance," said Dr. Rudy Potenzone, Director of the Alliance and Worldwide Pharmaceutical Industry Technology Strategist. "Optra Systems expertise in Life science and Healthcare Image Informatics space and a range of solutions for preclinical and clinical imaging adds a new perspective to the BioIT Alliance."

Abhi Gholap, President and CEO of Optra Systems said "We are pleased to be a member of the Microsoft BioIT Alliance, we look forward to work closely with Microsoft and the other Alliance members. OPTRA with its array of solutions and offerings would enable the alliance members make more effective use of technology for research and development and advancing new products."

Optra Systems has been a key partner for many life science and healthcare companies for developing complete workflow management including Image acquisition, storage, processing, analyzing and reporting. OPTRA has a vast experience and is supporting renowned academic institutions to speed up their research in Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, and Translational Medicine. Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on Optra for their needs like system integration, enterprise and business intelligence, data integration and analysis, laboratory information management, etc. Optra systems is also partnering with microscopy and instrumentation companies to develop new products and solutions.

The Alliance brings together pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hardware, and software industries to explore new ways to share complex biomedical data and collaborate among multi-disciplinary teams to expedite discovery in the life sciences. It also enables the members to identify new technologies to over come the challenges faced by life science companies like data integration, collaboration, and knowledge management that cannot be solved by any organization alone.

About the BioIT Alliance:

Formed in 2006, the BioIT Alliance is a cross-industry group working together to foster integration, industry standards, and to improve biomedical information technology, especially on the Microsoft platform. Additional information about the BioIT Alliance can be found on the BioIT Alliance Web site at www.bioitalliance.org

About Optra Systems:

"Optra Systems" is a technology driven Life Science & Healthcare IT Consulting company, committed to deliver value to its customers with innovation and consistent improvement of its efficiencies. Optra proficiently combines science and information technology by leveraging its technical expertise, in-depth domain knowledge and vast experience in Life Science & Healthcare software development. Optra’s skilled technical team is ably guided by experts in Biology, Medical, Chemistry, Instrumentation & related domains. Optra System develops processes and capabilities to cater the needs of customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

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