OptiBiotix Release: Microbiome Technology Powers The Healthy Weight Loss Company Expansion

OptiBiotix, a world leader in the science of the human microbiome, has increased its investment in The Healthy Weight Loss Company (THWLC). This follows the acquisition of a majority in THWLC in July last year

THWLC is becoming an increasing force in the weight management industry through increased enrolment of clients and wider distribution of its scientifically based GoFigure products –shakes and bars - in retail outlets across the UK and Iceland. The GoFigure products contain SlimBiome which was developed by OptiBiotix scientists to support weight loss and reduce hunger pangs.

It is this ability to provide hunger free dieting that has led to 100% of clients reporting that they achieved weight loss - typically two to three pounds a week. GoFigure was awarded “Best New Health & Nutrition” at the 2016 European Natural & Organic Awards. They also contain probiotic bacteria.

The additional investment in THWLC will allow the company to actively promote itself and expand both its direct client base and distribution of its products in retail - in the UK and internationally.

An agreement with a major multinational for the development of foods incorporating OptiBiotix’s SlimBiome technology for the Asian market was concluded in December.

OptiBiotix, which is listed on London’s AIM market, is a research-based life science company with a pipeline of microbiome modulators that can help in the treatment of a number of conditions including lipid and cholesterol management, obesity, diabetes and skin care.

The human microbiome is increasingly being recognised as playing an important role across a range of health issues. Modulators which can rebalance the microbiome are seen as a being an effective treatment across a number of conditions.


The human microbiome

The human digestive tract contains a complex and diverse ecosystem of trillions of bacteria. Recently, advances in molecular and analytical techniques (metagenomics, metabolomics) have permitted identification and quantitation of species and strains of bacteria that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract, their metabolic activity, and interactions with the human host. These studies have provided greater insight into the role of gut and their metabolites in health and disease.

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About OptiBiotix

OptiBiotix was formed in March 2012 to develop compounds which modify the human microbiome – the collective genome of the microbes in the body – to prevent and manage human disease.

The aim of OptiBiotix is to discover and develop microbial strains, compounds and formulations, which modulate the human microbiome and can be used as food ingredients and supplements or active compounds for the prevention and management of human metabolic diseases, examples of which include obesity, cholesterol and lipid distribution and diabetes.

OptiBiotix has established a pipeline of microbiome modulators that can impact on lipid and cholesterol management, energy harvest and appetite suppression. The development pipeline is fuelled by its proprietary OptiScreen® and OptiBiotic® platform technologies designed to identify metabolic pathways and compounds that impact on human physiology and bring potential health benefits. These platforms are applicable across a wider range of other human diseases.

About The Healthy Weight Loss Company

The Healthy Weight Loss Company (THWLC) is jointly owned by OptiBiotix Health plc (64%), Anna Maia, and Max Tomlinson. The Company was formed in July 2016 as a platform for OptiBiotix to incubate new technological solutions and develop wider product applications in weight management.

The technology incubator was created to provide an effective way to substantiate the commercial viability of early product concepts. THWLC sells GoFigure® snacks and shakes containing OptiBiotix’s proprietary Slimbiome® technology under a non-exclusive UK license agreement. www.GoFigureDiet.com. The use of SlimBiome® in the GoFigure® range establishes use of the technology in food products and supports the wider use of Slimbiome® technology in dietary supplements and over the counter (OTC) applications, both in the UK and internationally.

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