One Drop Receives CE Mark, Launches Data-Driven Insights For People Managing High Blood Pressure

The CE-marked feature offers real-time insights on how a member's blood pressure is trending, providing them the opportunity to mitigate risks associated with high blood pressure proactively

NEW YORK, May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- One Drop, a leader in precision health solutions for people living with chronic conditions, today announced it has received the Conformité Européenne (CE) Mark for its Blood Pressure Trend and Analysis Engine-1 to generate blood pressure (BP) insights. As part of the One Drop Digital Membership, consumer and employer members worldwide can now receive in-app messages with blood pressure trends, behavioral reinforcements, and alerts for hypertensive crises.


Often referred to as the "silent killer," high blood pressure affects one in three American adults and two-thirds of American adults living with diabetes [1]. Left untreated, high blood pressure can lead to heart disease, heart failure, and stroke [2], making early detection and daily blood pressure management critical for cardiometabolic health. One Drop's BP insights feature enables people to proactively reduce their risk of complications by helping them understand how their blood pressure is trending and offering tactical recommendations and support in real time.

"Blood pressure insights provide members with a robust understanding of their BP levels and the opportunity to react to a hypertensive crisis the moment it happens," said Jamillah Hoy-Rosas, MPH, RDN, CDCES, Vice President of Clinical Operations at One Drop. "As with most chronic conditions, blood pressure management requires deliberate action each day, but progress occurs over time. BP insights can help motivate individuals to keep their blood pressure at a healthy level, create peace of mind through continuous updates, and offer guidance on how to get support from their coach or when to seek medical help."

Earlier this month, One Drop also received the Conformité Européenne (CE) Mark for its Blood Glucose Prediction Analysis Engine-1 to accurately forecast glucose levels up to eight hours in advance for people living with prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. The CE-marked analysis engine behind glucose forecasts and blood pressure insights, respectively, are both powered by One Drop's proprietary machine learning algorithms and unprecedented data wealth.

To date, One Drop has collected 25 billion longitudinal health data points across 75 biomarkers from members in 195 countries using the One Drop app (iOS and Android) and glucose meter. One Drop is developing a multi-analyte dermal sensor that will generate thousands of additional data points per member per day, promising exponential growth for the extensive and diverse data behind the company's predictive platform. One Drop has been available to consumers, employers, insurers, and healthcare providers since 2016.

Learn more about how blood pressure insights work.

About One Drop

One Drop is a precision health company at the nexus of personal diagnostics, artificial intelligence, and telehealth. Powered by continuous health sensing technology and proprietary machine learning algorithms, One Drop's predictive health platform transforms an individual's physiological data into actionable insights, empowering them to make finely tuned decisions at every step. AI-powered insights coupled with clinically effective coaching and evidence-based health transformation programs drive health outcomes while reducing costs for insurers, employers, and healthcare providers.

One Drop products and services are available for purchase in One Drop's award-winning app (iOS and Android) and at, Walmart, Amazon, BestBuy, the Apple Store, and CVS. For information on how One Drop can help your organization lower its cost of care, contact

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