O.C. Medical Device Firm, Masimo Corporation, Sued for Patent Infringement

Published: Sep 12, 2011

Masimo Corp., an Irvine company that sells its patient monitoring equipment worldwide, is being sued by Essential Medical Devices Inc. for patent infringement in the licensing and sale of an analyzer of carbon monoxide in the blood stream. The lawsuit involves the Rainbow SET technology used in pulse oximetry monitors developed licensed and sold by Masimo and Cercacor, formerly Masimo Laboratories Inc. that Masimo spun off in 1998. Cercacor is also a defendant in the suit. Essential Medical, started in 1997, said in a lawsuit filed in a Delaware federal court that it was issued a patent in 2002 for a noninvasive carboxyhemoglobin analyzer and that it offered to sell the patent to Masimo in 2009.

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