Novalyst Discovery and AliX Agree to Merge to Launch NovAliX

Published: Sep 30, 2008

Integrating Structural Biology and Medicinal Chemistry

STRASBOURG, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Following long-standing cooperation, Novalyst Discovery, a chemistry services company, and AliX, a structural biology company, have agreed to merge to create a leading CRO. Together they have launched NovAliX, a multidisciplinary company providing flexible outsourcing solutions for drug discovery and development.

The combined company will represent a major provider able to deliver comprehensive services from gene to preclinical drug candidates and especially offering alternative fragment-based drug discovery approaches.

“There was a natural synergy between the two companies whose expertise in chemistry and structural biology brings a valuable set of skills for our drug discovery program”, claimed Stephan Jenn, President of both companies. “In the past, opportunities for joint programs have shown us that we were able to integrate our highly complementary expertise to conduct projects successfully.”

Since the beginning of 2008, both companies have been combining operations to facilitate the organizational process. “Our priority is to ensure that our clients receive even greater support as we go forward as one company.” In a competitive and demanding environment the combined company NovAliX will be a larger, stronger and more integrated organization offering clients access to a wider range of capabilities all the more since the integrated platform of comprehensive biological and chemical services is advantageously complemented by a high-value added screening technology. Indeed NovAliX has developed a unique and innovative platform using non-covalent mass spectrometry for compound screening and binding characterization. This mass spectrometry technology has emerged as an alternative and efficient technique for delivering high-content information on compound-protein interactions. Using this sensitive technique known as FAMASS™ (Fragments Analysis by MAss Spectrometry) in combination with its in-house fragment library, NovAliX proposes fragment-based drug discovery programs, a cost-effective approach for fast lead generation.

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About NovAliX

NovAliX is a contract research organization. Through a set of capabilities including protein delivery, X-ray protein structure determination, custom synthesis, chemistry R&D, medicinal chemistry and molecular modeling, NovAliX offers comprehensive services in research and development of small molecules. NovAliX, a team of 60 scientists, is located in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities (1600 m2) in the Strasbourg-Illkirch science cluster.


NovAliX Anne Briot-Dietsch, PhD BioParc, Boulevard Sebastien Brant F-67400 Illkirch France

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