Norwich Pharmaceuticals Doubles Capacity for Pilot Production

Published: Jan 10, 2012

January 10, 2012 -- Norwich Pharmaceuticals, a provider of full-service contract development and manufacturing for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, today announced the increase of its pilot scale production capabilities, including a facility expansion that doubles current capacity for pilot scale development and manufacturing. The additions at the Norwich, New York facility include equipment, surface area and staff.

“We’re providing a world class experience for customers seeking product development and pilot scale manufacturing services,” said Terry Novak, president of Norwich Pharmaceuticals. “Through this significant capital investment, Norwich is not only adding production capacity, we also are strengthening project management, increasing on-time delivery and further expanding our capability to provide customers with one comprehensive solution for all stages of the product lifecycle.”

Norwich development and pilot scale facilities comprise 12,000 square feet of dedicated space with DEA, solvent and potent compound capabilities including two analytical laboratories dedicated to support R&D and GMP development projects. The facilities, instrumentation and technology mirror Norwich commercial capabilities, thus allowing direct transfer from analytical services to quality control and enabling a fast track to trade production.

“This expansion provides the flexibility to run multiple projects simultaneously,” stated Robert O’Connor, PhD, vice president, product development and technical services, Norwich Pharmaceuticals. “With the additional GMP processing rooms and newly installed equipment, Norwich is able to provide greater capacity for solvent high shear granulation, fluid bed granulation, drying, column coating, and tablet coating.”

The capital investment project, that will be completed early next year, includes the installation of equipment that was selected based upon current projects within the Norwich facility and marketplace data indicating the near-term needs of prospective CDMO customers. These equipment upgrades include:

· 300L Collette Gral high shear granulator with solvent capability

· GEA/Niro 2/3 fluid bed granulator/dryer with solvent capability

· GEA/Niro 4/5 fluid bed granulator/dryer with solvent capability

· O’Hara 24/36” Labcoat III coating pan with solvent capability

· MG Planeta Encapsulator with dual pellet feeders

The Norwich team is experienced with both immediate and modified release products, and has unique capabilities in several dosage forms. Staffing additions are now occurring to complement the increased plant capacity and broaden the engineering capabilities offered through Norwich product development and technical services.

About Norwich Pharmaceuticals

Norwich is a full-service contract development and manufacturing provider for Rx and OTC pharmaceuticals. Norwich applies more than 120 years of experience and an unparalleled compliance record to offer customers greater flexibility, resources and speed that result in a streamlined progression from product development to scale-up and commercial manufacturing through clinical services. Visit for additional information.

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