Noble Launches New Product Demonstration Platform Devoted to Safety Devices

Published: Oct 08, 2018

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Noble, the global leader in medical device training solutions, patient onboarding strategies and multisensory product development for the world’s top pharmaceutical brands, unveiled today a new product platform for safety demonstration devices. Noble is showcasing this product platform at the 2018 PDA Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices (Booth #413) in Orlando on October 8-9.

Noble’s new product platform replicates the user experience of the BD UltraSafe Plus™ and BD UltraSafe Passive™ needle guard portfolios and incorporates a host of innovative core device features and capabilities based on BD UltraSafe™ 1 mL and 2.25 mL needle shielding technologies. Most notably, the platform now incorporates an extensively tested, proprietary lockout mechanism. Designed for repeated use, this resettable locking needle guard simulates the lockout forces of BD safety and shielding systems for prefillable syringes (PFS), with the capability for patients to reset the mechanism for multiple refresher sessions prior to actually injecting.

“Through extensive research, we developed demonstration device specifications that best replicate the injection experience. This has enabled us to tool a product platform, which allows for speed-to-market and fixed production costs,” said Stephanie Lutz, Product Manager at Noble. “Companies that utilize the BD UltraSafe Plus™ and BD UltraSafe Passive™ needle guard portfolios for their drug delivery can now benefit from the advanced features that characterize our demonstration device platform. Its development illustrates the continuous drive for innovation that distinguishes Noble, as well as our ongoing efforts, to make the patient experience as realistic as possible.”

Additional specific features of the Noble product platform include:

  • Needle tip simulation options: Realistic injection simulation, with encased faux needle tip, designed to simulate the feel and forces involved with an injection.
  • Consistent training experience: The platform mirrors the design, form, and function of a PFS with safety and shielding systems, simulating all aspects of the patient experience while offering a consistent and repeatable injection training experience through a defined reset position.
  • Customizations: Flanges and plungers are available in both standard and client-customizable configurations, and both rigid and soft needle shield options are available.

Additionally, during the PDA conference, Noble is presenting the results of an industry-first longitudinal training device study focusing on memory recall, retention and reinforcement involving self-injection-naïve adults instructed on the use of an autoinjector using various training materials. Participants were evaluated on successful completion of critical steps for administering a self-injection after a 14-day decay period.

Noble’s new platform and its industry-first longitudinal study on memory recall and retention are just a few of the ways Noble is innovating around enhancing the patient experience and increasing adherence of self-injection treatments. For more information, please visit

About Noble

Noble® is the global leader in medical device training solutions, patient onboarding strategies and multisensory product development for the world’s top pharmaceutical brands. Focused on driving innovation in patient onboarding and device training, the company works closely with brand, device and commercialization teams to develop turnkey solutions that improve the onboarding experience and bring value to clients.



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