Noble Launches AdhereIT Connected Device to Provide Real-Time Error Correction, Feedback for Self-Injection Training and Administration

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Noble®, the leading developer of patient-centric advanced drug delivery system trainers − including autoinjector, prefilled syringe, wearable and respiratory devices – has launched its connected device platform, AdhereIT™, which is designed to help improve patient experiences and outcomes by providing real-time feedback for autoinjector training and injection sessions.

Noble CEO Jeff Baker said, “There has been a rapid growth of innovative treatments delivered through autoinjectors, which allow patients the convenience of self-administering the drug. Our priority is to help ensure that patients who self-inject feel confident they are using their devices correctly, since studies suggest device familiarity and patient confidence may help improve adherence. We believe our new connected error correcting device platform, with its array of smart features, can coach patients through training to administration at home.”

AdhereIT promotes proper self-injection by sensing and monitoring how a patient interacts with the specific steps of drug delivery. AdhereIT can detect when the device makes contact with the injection site on the skin, as well as the precise times at which a training session or an injection begins and ends. It can also send injection scheduling reminders to the patient when used in conjunction with an app.

Through its connectivity, AdhereIT can wirelessly transmit the data it collects regarding a patient’s training session or injection, including any administration errors, to a smartphone or tablet − in effect transforming trainers and autoinjectors into “smart” devices. This can provide helpful feedback in real-time to the patient during the training period as well as during injection with the prescribed device. AdhereIT has also been configured to integrate with wireless platforms to enable the collection and customization of usage data.

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, AdhereIT features a flexible form factor that allows it to fit onto trainers that closely mimic autoinjectors and onto a prescribed device itself. AdhereIT can be adapted to a variety of autoinjectors, allowing manufacturers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace while improving the overall patient experience.

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Noble® is the global leader in medical device training solutions, patient onboarding strategies and multisensory product development for the world’s top pharmaceutical brands. Focused on driving innovation in patient onboarding and device training, the company works closely with brand, device and commercialization teams to develop turnkey solutions that improve the onboarding experience and bring value to clients. Please visit for more information.



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