Nimbus II PainPRO Provides Extended Opioid-Sparing Post-Op Pain Relief For Outpatients


NATICK, Mass., Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With a goal to reduce the amount of local anesthetic used for their continuous peripheral nerve blocks, the surgeons and anesthesiologists at Audubon Surgery Center in Colorado Springs, CO may have found a solution in Nimbus II PainPRO's Programmed Intermittent Bolus (PIB) feature. Additionally, their goal includes providing their patients an extended opioid-sparing pain relief for up to five days. This extended duration supports patients through the worst of their pain, which enables them to avoid opioids all together.

The Nimbus pump's PIB mode uses minimal amount of medication and extends opioid-sparing relief for up to 5 days.

The Nimbus pump's PIB mode periodically delivers a pre-approved dose of medication to the patients at a preset time interval, without allowing the effects from the previous dose to resolve entirely while another scheduled dose waits to be delivered.

According to Dr. Rajendran, an anesthesiologist at Audubon Surgery Center, patients using the Nimbus pump would receive less than 350mL of non-narcotic medication, compared to the 500mL they were using in the same time period without PIB.

"This has been a huge improvement for our patients." said Dr. Rajendran. "Ultrasound and now the novel Solo-Dex Catheter System allows us to consistently insert nerve catheters precisely, accurately, and quickly, which has opened the door to using the minimal effective dosing of local anesthetics with the Nimbus PIB pump. PIB has raised the level of safety and flexibility to a new level at Audubon while drastically reducing opioid usage."

PIB provides a more efficient spread of the medication, uses the minimal amount of medication, and can extend the pain relief to a desired number of days. The extended duration of the therapy allows the patients to put opioid usage in the back seat while optimizing the use of non-narcotic medication from the Nimbus pump.

The Nimbus II PainPRO is a non-narcotic ambulatory electronic pain pump that serves as a safe, effective alternative for patients in recovery.

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