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Published: Jun 07, 2011

CARDIFF, CA--(Marketwire - June 07, 2011) -

NI Research has released the June issue of NeuroPerspective (formerly NeuroInvestment), which reviews the status and prospects of treatments for nociceptive pain (neuropathic pain was covered in the November 2010 issue). Even with the array of opioid and nonopioid medications currently available for the 20-30 million Americans with pain disorders, the armamentarium still falls short. There are patients with severe pain who are opiate-refractory; opioids involve serious, even potentially fatal side effects such as respiratory depression; and the most effective painkillers are also those most prone to dependency and abuse.

This review discusses the analgesia programs under development for pain, including the numerous attempts to develop novel mechanisms that might approach opioid efficacy; the numerous 'tweaks' of opioids aimed at improving their duration and consistency of benefit, and/or making their abuse more difficult; and options for making analgesics safer by circumventing respiratory depression.

Among the companies whose programs are covered in this review are:

Afferent Pharma
Convergent Pharmaceuticals
Cara Therapeutics
Neurotherapeutics Pharma
Purdue Pharma
Cortex Pharmaceuticals

The June issue of NeuroPerspective also takes a look at the current status of the race to develop nicotinic alpha7 agonist compounds for cognition, with Targacept (NASDAQ: TRGT) and EnVivo Pharmaceuticals currently in the lead; the acquisition of Cephalon by Teva Pharmaceuticals; and includes commentary on the current fiscal quagmire in which the neurotherapeutics industry finds itself: 'Ecosystem in Jeopardy.'

GlaxoSmithKline's dramatically reshaped CNS and licensing agenda is reviewed, excerpted from NI Research's just released CNS 2011: Therapeutics and Licensing.

About NeuroPerspective: This is the authoritative, independent, monthly review of the neurotherapeutics area. A one-year subscription is $2200, email or hardcopy. Add $250 for dual delivery, add $50 for airmail delivery outside North America. A three-month trial subscription is US$700.

CNS 2011: Therapeutics and Licensing is the just-released, 482 page annual overview of all major neurotherapeutics areas and the programs being developed within them. This evaluation also reviews the neurotherapeutics programs and licensing agendas for all major and midsize companies in the CNS area. Opportunities for opportunities for licensing and M&A are appraised, as well as trends in financing and deal structure. This provides a vital targeting resource for licensing efforts on both sides of the transaction, potential licensors and licensees.

Samples of a therapeutic area review and pharma licensing section can be downloaded from

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