New Studies Link Fluoride to Adverse Health Effects


NEW YORK,  /PRNewswire/ -- Studies linking fluoride to lower IQ, ADHD, thyroid dysfunction and depression are presented at the 2018 joint annual meeting of the ISES-ISEE (International Society of Exposure Science and the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology) in Ottawa, Canada (August 26-30), reports New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF)

For example:

Green, et al. report an increase of 1 milligram per liter of maternal urinary fluoride during prenatal development was associated with a decrease of Full Scale IQ by 4.5 points in young boys.

Bashash et al. reports "Higher levels of prenatal fluoride exposure were associated with higher symptoms of ADHD…in the offspring at age 6-12 years."

Hu et al. report "prenatal fluoride exposure, in the range of exposures reported for other general population samples of pregnant women and non-pregnant adults, was associated with lower scores on tests of cognitive function in the offspring at age 4 and 6-12 years."

Malin et al: reports "Adults living in Canada who have moderate-to-severe iodine deficiencies and higher levels of urinary fluoride may be at an increased risk for underactive thyroid gland activity."

Alvarez et al. "…exposure to fluoride during development can yield to a depressive-like behavior in rats, suggesting that high intake of fluoride must be prevented to avoid harmful effects at adulthood."

These studies add to the growing mountain of scientific evidence showing fluoride's adverse health effects, especially to the brain.

This evidence is downplayed or ignored by fluoridation promoters, according to Gesser-Edelsburg and Shir-Raz (Journal of Risk Research 2018) who report that 3 major expert committees (York, NRC, SCHER) found only poor quality fluoridation evidence proving "there is uncertainty surrounding both the safety and efficacy of fluoridation."

Attorney Paul Beeber says, "For example, the American Fluoridation Society claims that fluoridation "is completely safe" but uses political maneuvers, T-shirts, misinformation and ad hominem attacks to intimidate legislators to retain fluoridation e.g. Potsdam, NY."

Gesser-Edelsburg and Shir-Raz reveal that fluoridation policy-makers do what they accuse others of - share partial biased information in terms that misrepresent the actual situation.

Beeber says, "Kudos to Walden NY legislators who saw through the aggressive PR campaign to unanimously vote out fluoridation, May 2018. They paved the way for other NYS communities to navigate NYS's new convoluted and unreasonable fluoridation law passed without citizen involvement."

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