New Report Highlights Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Healthcare organizations that are vying to boost their digital marketing results must continue to innovate without losing sight of the right channels, tools and approaches to reach physicians, patients and other customer groups.

But picking the optimal "digital innovation path" is different for every organization.

Best Practices, LLC undertook benchmarking research to probe how savvy bio-pharma digital marketers are right-sizing budget and staffing investment levels and seizing digital health opportunities for maximum impact. The study also probes how digital marketers are expanding the reach and effectiveness of digital customer engagement through emerging channels, measuring ROI for innovative activities, and enhancing the digital content and program review and approval process.

"Digital Innovation Path: Trends in Healthcare Digital Marketing Innovation, Customer Engagement, Investment and Approvals" is a report that examines a host of key Digital Marketing operational benchmarks required to achieve best-in-class performance and to foster a stronger digital culture throughout the organization. This 53-page study will serve as a resource for driving digital marketing performance excellence in the healthcare industry.

This research examines a host of key operational benchmarks required to achieve best-in-class performance in digital marketing in the healthcare sector, and foster a stronger digital culture throughout the organization.

Topics addressed in the study include:

  • Innovative Engagement Activities
  • Optimizing Digital Investment
  • Enhancing Content Review

For this research, Best Practices, LLC engaged 31 digital, multichannel marketing and other commercial leaders from 24 leading healthcare organizations. Nearly 70 percent of participants serve at the level of director or above.

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Digital Technology Consortium

This study is the result of research produced by Best Practices' Digital Technology Consortium, a service that brings together executives from various leading companies around the world to tackle one question:

How do we manage and implement digital technology as an asset not a utility?

The Consortium hosts studies on digital transformation in pharma throughout the year and holds thought leader roundtables to discuss the findings. Consortium participants receive results of customized digital technology benchmark studies conducted among members throughout the service year; members will also participate in roundtable peer knowledge exchanges to share best practices in digital technology. Additionally, members will have access to analysis, intelligence and the Best Practices Database for Technology Leaders.

Please contact us with any questions regarding this study or click this link to find out more about the Digital Technology Consortium.


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