New iControl™ Software from Mettler-Toledo

Published: Mar 09, 2012

Greifensee, Switzerland. 8th March, 2012 – METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce the availability of iControlTM, its next-generation graphical interface option for EasyMax® and OptiMax™ synthesis workstations. With intuitive graphic simplicity and ability to control up to three synthesis workstations at once, iControl™ gives users maximum control over their experiments.

Through quick and intuitive data visualization, users can immediately identify key reaction events and parameters and even compare these against data from other iControl™, iC IR™ or iC FBRM™ experiments. This allows users to make decisions better and faster, while performing less costly experiments.

The key to iControl™ ease-of-use is its powerful yet simple recipe and reaction editor. An integrated database provides fast access to chemical properties, ensuring greater ease when calculating reagent amounts or documenting chemistry and stoichiometry. Set points can be changed by simple drag-and-drop tasks or keystrokes. The iControl™ editor also allows preprogramming of some or all of a recipe’s tasks for unattended operation. Adding nights and weekends to an equipment calendar means more experiments are completed in less time.

For optimal flexibility, the EasyMax® or OptiMax™ touchscreen can be used when working with iControl™. Users can now choose their most appropriate workplace, which can be iControl™, touchscreen or both. A fully integrated link ensuresreal-time update of all relevant data and experiment actions performed on both iControl™ and the touchscreen.

This provides full traceability and easy reuse of successful recipes.

To support the users with their experiment documentation, iControl™ also features a powerful reporting tool. After an experiment, a fully customizable report is generated automatically, which can be exported to Microsoft Word with a simple click of a button The new reporting tool allows users to include experimental data, multiple graphs and free components such as text, tables or pictures to create an even more complete report. This helps scientists perform in depth data analysis to make solid, supported recommendations about the direction of future experiments.

When added to the robust METTER TOLEDO technology contained in EasyMax® or OptiMax™ synthesis workstations, iControl™ software becomes an integral part of experiment management. For more on how iControl™ can help streamline EasyMax® or OptiMax™ experiments, visit

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