New Harvard Apparatus In-Incubator Cell Culture Stimulation

Published: Sep 29, 2011

September, 2011 -- Cells need exercise, too! Use this multiplexing, in-incubator, cell culture stimulator to keep your cells in shape by preventing de-differentiation or by encouraging pre-commitment.

The NEW C-Pace EP from Harvard Appartus is a multi-channel stimulator designed for the chronic stimulation of bulk quantities of cells in culture incubators. This pacer emits bipolar stimuli, greatly reducing electrolysis at the electrodes.

Features include:

• Allows treatment of cells in their native environmental conditions

• Prevents de-differentiation of adult cardiomyocytes

• Encourages pre-commitment of Stem Cells toward certain muscle phenotypes

• Ideal for cardiac tissue engineering

In addition to standard pacing protocols, the EP has flexible pacing protocols for arrhythmia, exercise, and irregular pacing. Advanced TTL triggering allows switching to the next programmed pulse train. Functionality can be generalized (e.g. acute pacing) using the Gate and Aux outputs.

The primary benefit of this system is that it allows the researcher to treat the cells in a manner consistent with their native environment. Like using proper maintenance media and incubation, chronic culture pacing will help induce and/or maintain phenotype over time, a key necessity for utilization in cardiac tissue engineering.

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