New Harvard Apparatus Capnograph for Small Rodents & Respiratory Mechanics

Published: Oct 11, 2011

October 11, 2011 -- Harvard Apparatus-Hugo Sachs Electronik is proud to introduce the Type 340 Capnograph for small rodents. This extremely low dead space Capnograph makes it suitable for mice as well as other small rodents. This Capnograph is easily expanded, by adding low dead space flow heads for basic respiratory mechanics.

The Harvard Apparatus–Hugo Sachs Electronik Capnograph is a low volume system that provides continuous measurement of end-tidal CO2 through a highly sensitive infrared spectroscopy sensor. This NEW Capnograph has the greatest operational range on the market, and is sensitive enough to be suitable for breathing ranges from 0-300 bpm. Data is displayed in real time; and with the analog ports, data can be collected simultaneously with most commercial data acquisition systems.

The basic Capnograph displays respiration rate in freely breathing or ventilated animals, as well as end tidal CO2 for every breath. This provides is the best information about the health of the animal and effectiveness of the anestheia level. If the basic capnographic functions are not enough, then the optional flow heads expand the Capnograph to measure Peak Inspiratory and Expiratory Flow, Peak Inspiratory Pressure, Positive End Expiratory Pressure, and Tidal Volume. This is valuable information about the health of the lungs during the experiment, and any changes to the physiological state. The user can also use the flow heads to calibrate between several surgical set-ups, ensuring that every experiment is conducted the same between every animal, and every ventilator.

For more information about the Harvard Apparatus-Hugo Sachs Electronik Capnograph, anesthesia products, or any of their ventilators, please contact your local representative or our technical support department.

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