New Grip Strength Meters from Coulbourn Instruments

Published: Aug 11, 2011

August 11, 2011 -- Coulbourn Instruments now offers Grip Strength Meters for evaluating muscular strength in rodents. This test is complimentary to the Rota Rod and assesses muscle function as the subject grasps on a bar or grid.

Unique benefits of these Grip Strength Meters include:

- Ease of use with direct readings of average value, standard deviation and variability for subjects, up to 100 animals.

- Simple data acquisition either through large display or with optional software package

- Flexibility to monitor both front and hind paw strength

- Adaptable for use with mice and rats with a simple and quick change of grip accessories

- Minimal maintenance and easy to clean

As part of the functional observational battery to screen for neurotoxicity, the grip strength test provides important information regarding neuromuscular function. This unit can be used either as a stand-alone or with the optional software for data acquisition.

Data can be displayed in kilograms, grams, pounds or Newtons depending on the user’s preference. The integrated force transducer notes the force applied to the grid or bar just before the animal loses its grip and this is recorded as the peak force.

For additional information, contact Coulbourn's experts in behavioral research applications to assist in selecting the best system configuration to meet your research goals.

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