New Autism DNA Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Test for Prescription Medications

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- OnlyYOU® AUTISM introduces an innovative, evidence-based simple saliva DNA PGx test that provides detailed, personalized, easy-to-read results on how each individual with Autism genetically responds to each of the top 20 prescribed behavioral medications used to treat the behavioral symptoms of Autism…Plus 416 of the most popularly prescribed prescription medications used to treat comorbid medical conditions prevalent with Autism. In-depth test results provide important information that can assist patients, caregivers and physicians in selecting the best prescription Rx's for each individual.   

How did OnlyYOU® AUTISM ("OYA") start?

OYA's purpose-driven executive team is well-experienced in the Autism industry. They were first introduced to the evidenced-based science of Pharmacogenomics (PGx) in 2014. {The company founder's PGx own test results indicated a desperately needed change to the one single medication he had been taking for 12 years for arthritis. These test results, and his resulting change in medication, more than likely saved his life, or at least his kidneys!} 

Watch our introduction video: 

For 4 years, OYA engaged geneticists, pharmacologists, researchers & leading scientists, and doctors to develop a simple take-at-home (1 minute) saliva swab test.

PROBLEMS: Every person on earth is genetically unique and may respond to prescription medications differently than anyone else due to variations of one's genes!

  • Most people with Autism take multiple numbers of prescription medications, which normally begin with behavioral drugs used to treat the symptoms of Autism.
  • 94% of people with an Autism diagnosis also experience medical problems such as gastrointestinal, sleep disorders, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, and more. More than 50% have 2-3 chronic medical conditions.
  • Potential drug-to-drug interactions and side-effects often occur when taking multiple medications and may cause loss of efficacy, unwanted side effects, or even create adverse reactions. These are included in the OYA results.

SOLUTION: Only YOU®AUTISM tests each person's genetic responses for the top 20 behavioral Rx medications plus the top most frequently prescribed Rx medications for a total of 416 prescription Rx medications.

GAIN: Benefits of the Only YOU® AUTISM Report Results:

  • Actionable information for (Rx) 416 prescription medications
  • Find right medications that can work best for each person
  • Saves $ money on Rx costs, co-pays, "Trial and Error" and unnecessary doctor visits
  • Avoid unwanted side effects, loss of efficacy & potential adverse reactions
  • Avoid medications that simply will not work
  • Avoid medications which inhibit other prescriptions

OYA's PGx test are sold Direct-to-Consumers, approved by your doctor, for $299 on OYA's website:

Visit the in-depth OYA Glossaries to save valuable search time and learn much more about Autism & Pharmacogenomic testing: 

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Media inquiries: OnlyYOU®AUTISM: Travis Parr, Founder & CEO, 

Toll Free (877) 892-2314

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*OYA's laboratory is CLIA and CAP-accredited. OYA provides no medical advice. Always share results with healthcare professionals and make your  reports part of personal Electronic Medical Records.


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