New "Front Row Pharma" App Helps Pharmaceutical Companies Become More Patient-Centric

TORONTO, June 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Front Row Solutions, the creator of a class-leading online CRM platform that enables organizations to track and improve mobile worker efficiency, compliance and performance, announced today the launch of Front Row Pharma: a new app that helps pharmaceutical companies become a more patient-centric organization.

Available now in the App Store and Google Play, Front Row Pharma is a powerful, yet easy-to-use paperless, data collection tool that enables pharmaceutical companies to create customized forms and questionnaires for patients, diagnostic liaisons, pharmacists and any other stakeholder group, which are completed online via smartphone. Users can also save partially filled-out forms or questionnaires and resume completion later on, as well as update previously-submitted data in less than a minute.

Once submitted, the information is sent to a secure server and automatically populates customized dashboards and analytics that help pharmaceutical companies understand their patients' needs, concerns, viewpoints and goals. Data is encrypted in transit and at both the app and server levels, and individual access to information is password protected.

Several pharmaceutical companies are already using Front Row Pharma to lean forward and close the gap between their product and service offerings, and the explicit and implicit needs of their patient communities.

As noted by researcher Danie du Plessis (et al) in the peer-reviewed medical journal Therapeutic Innovation and Regulatory Science: "Patient centricity demands a shift in cultural mindset within the pharmaceutical industry. At the highest level, it involves listening to and partnering with the patient, and understanding the patient perspective, rather than simply inserting patient views into the established process. Only then can patient-centered outcomes truly be the core of the strategy."

Commented Etien D'Hollander, President of Front Row Solutions: "Many pharmaceutical companies struggle to get the reliable and actionable data they need to develop effective and sustainable patient-centric programs. I have spent over 30 years working with partners in the pharmaceutical industry, and our new app is designed to dramatically simplify and streamline the effort to shift the paradigm from one in which patients are part of the ecosystem, to where they are at the very core of how pharmaceutical companies fulfill their essential mandate and mission."

About Front Row Solutions

Front Row Solutions (FRS) a North American company, was founded in 2008 to improve the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process with a focus on the sales rep and mobile worker and has evolved into the worlds leader in fast and easy, paperless, mobile data input. FRS is a customizable app-based system which can be loaded on any mobile device and allows a mobile worker or customer the ability to quickly and easily submit information into a data center, company server, or legacy CRM or ERP system. A mobile worker or customer can submit a new report, review and edit previous reports, or complete unfinished reports - all from their cell phone. Front Row Solutions bridges the gaps between corporate, mobile workers and customers to gather the key information they need to make informed decisions and give direction to the company.

For more information or to set up a free trial, please contact Front Row Solutions at 1-800-986-0983 or visit our web site at or call Etien direct at 416-716-9734.

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