New All-In-One Home Medication Dispensing System Launches With Kickstarter


As Directed Plus LLC ( has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for its innovative smart medication dispensing device. Already in prototype stage, the As Directed Total Linked Care (TLC) platform is more than just a pill dispenser. It acts as a personal connected health hub designed for the home caregiver and the professional setting alike.

TLC is a complete platform offering an array of connected benefits in addition to dispensing medications, making it applicable to many home health care situations for those needing at-home care. "We wanted a device that could be used by the whole family," mentioned Tom Carson, the CEO of As Directed Plus LLC, "Our goal is that As Directed TLC offers a personal path to care that is simple, smart and secure for all who use it."

AARP data shows that 117 million Americans will need care assistance by the year 2020. Additionally, on average, seniors take as many as seven medications per day. Studies indicate that as many as 58 percent of those seniors make mistakes while self-dispensing their medications. Such mistakes are medically dangerous and costly. With "aging in place" being the greatest desire of the Baby Boomer population, As Directed TLC is the answer to caregivers' needs to efficiently dispense this growing list of daily, even hourly, medications.

In addition to a pill dispenser, the patented TLC device manages all forms of medication: pills, capsules, liquids, and more. The device features locked medication storage with a capacity of one month's worth of doses, releasing medications as often as six times per day.

"Author Tia Walker's sentiment 'To care for those who cared for us is the highest honor' inspired us to create the TLC system," says As Directed CEO, Tom Carson. "The solution has a wide array of unique compliance features allowing recipients to maintain independence while keeping caregivers informed and giving them peace of mind. Linked to a caregiver's smartphone, TLC delivers constant monitoring and information throughout the day, connecting the caregiver with the recipient, and allowing personal autonomy for both parties."

Designed to look like a smart appliance on your kitchen countertop, TLC provides an instant, by-the-minute connection between caregiver and recipient. With its onscreen text messaging and voice recording options, it can handle multiple reminder tasks at once, such as prompting recipients to take vital statistics or reminding them to administer important injectables. Preset alarms require each recipient to dispense preloaded dose packages at scheduled times. In addition to alarms, TLC can notify them via audio, visual and/or text message. Each of these is preset by the responsible caregiver using certain response time parameters. After responding to an alarm, recipients receive video and text messages prompting them to open the device drawer and dispense their dose packages. Dosing instructions for the dispensed medications can also be programmed to display at the dispense time.

TLC is equipped with an onboard camera programmable to snap photos during a dispensing activity, giving the caregiver a visual on the identity and health status of the recipient. Caregivers are alerted via text when medications are dispensed and removed on schedule, or if TLC alerts are ignored by the recipient.

As Directed Plus LLC is based on three concepts of care--Simple, Smart, Secure. Understanding the uncertainty that comes with change, The Total Linked Care (TLC) system is an outgrowth of this philosophy, offering a way to easily deliver medications while maintaining the recipient's independence of remaining at home.


Tom Carson, CEO
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