NeuroTherm, Inc. New RF Disposable Electrode Will Reduce Costs and Improve the Standard of Care for Pain Management Facilities

Published: Jul 19, 2007

MIDDLETON, Mass., July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- NeuroTherm, Inc., a global leader in radiofrequency generators for chronic pain management, has introduced a single-use RF electrode that can be discarded after using once, thus reducing sterilization costs while eliminating the potential for cross- contamination that could harm patients and staff.

NeuroTherm's Disposable RF Electrode is perfect for pain management facilities that want to reduce costs and/or inventory issues regarding sterilization and unit tracking.

"With our Disposable RF Electrode, pain management practices can reduce costs related to sterilizing and tracking sterilized products," says Laurence Hicks, president and CEO of NeuroTherm.

NeuroTherm provides radiofrequency equipment for treating chronic pain, particularly in the spine. The Disposable RF Electrode transmits the RF waveform to the painful nerve from the generator, thus creating a lesion that interrupts the nerve's ability to transmit pain signals. The length of the procedure may be between 30 minutes and one hour, depending on the number of nerve sites to be treated.

"Many clinics schedule multiple RF procedures in one day to maximize the physician's schedule," Hicks says. "The Disposable RF Electrode makes this more practical since the facility does not have to re-sterilize equipment between these procedures. Rather, the physician treats each patient and disposes of the electrode each time."

Hicks adds that, due to the frequent use of the electrodes, it is not uncommon for one to become damaged or go missing immediately before a procedure. "Product damage due to mishandling or dropping invariably occurs at busy times," he says. "But having a box of Disposable RF Electrodes on the shelf can alleviate any inconvenience. Otherwise, the patients would be re- scheduled for when an electrode is available, or the clinic's day would be extended as the facility waits to sterilize previously used electrodes."

Most reusable RF electrodes cost between $800 and $1,300. Thus, stocking Disposable RF Electrodes can be a cost-effective solution when facilities factor in the possibility of product failure, the need to replace or repair damaged electrodes, and the potential of property loss because these are small items.

"It makes sense to keep a box of the Disposable RF Electrodes on the shelf, if only to maintain peace of mind when these issues arise," Hicks says.

The NeuroTherm RF Disposable Electrode functions with both NeuroTherm and Radionics RF Generators.

NeuroTherm, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of radiofrequency generators and related consumables used in the treatment of chronic pain. The company recently introduced the NT1000, the world's first RF generator capable of producing three lesions simultaneously. Neurotherm also pioneered the development and use of disposable electrodes in the U.K. market.

NeuroTherm is based in Middleton, MA., with another facility outside London, England. The company was formed in September 2005, as a concurrent acquisition of RDG Medical in the U.K., and RF Medical and Precision Medical Engineering in the U.S. by Cortec Group Fund III, L.P., an affiliate of Cortec Group, Inc. Additional information about NeuroTherm can be found on the Internet at .

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