NeuroScience's Pharmasan Labs, Inc. Wins Grant for Novel Immune Tolerance Test (ITT)-Cytokine Platform

Published: Nov 03, 2010

OSCEOLA, WI--(Marketwire - November 03, 2010) -

Pharmasan Labs, Inc. and NeuroScience, Inc. announce that Pharmasan Labs is the recipient of a $244,479 grant under the highly competitive Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project ("QDTP") Program established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. The grant was awarded for the company's novel immune testing platform that aims to diagnose clinically relevant immune responses across a spectrum of acute and chronic conditions, thereby facilitating more targeted therapeutic interventions.

The ITT-Cytokine platform can help identify the root cause of chronic conditions, allowing practitioners to provide appropriate therapeutic interventions. As an example, Pharmasan Labs, Inc., in collaboration with NeuroScience, Inc., currently offers MY Lyme Immune I.D.™, which assesses whether an individual has had an immune response to the Lyme disease bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and whether the infection is currently active.

"While Lyme disease, food sensitivity, and other conditions are often diagnosed using antibody-based methodologies, these traditional detection methods can sometimes yield false-negative results," remarked Mieke Kellermann, President of Pharmasan Labs, Inc. "By assaying for the presence of antigen-specific T cells and elevated cytokine production in response to specific antigens, we are identifying the key drivers of inflammation underlying clinical pathology and symptoms. Therefore, the ITT-Cytokine platform offers a superior diagnostic approach to antibody-based testing."

In the ITT-Cytokine platform, an individual's white blood cells are isolated and cultured in the presence of individual antigens, such as proteins from bacteria or food. If the individual's white blood cells contain T cells (a type of white blood cell) that respond to that antigen, they become activated, leading to both an increase in number as well as heightened production of cytokines (soluble messengers of inflammation).

The QDTP Program funds research that shows significant potential to produce new cost-saving therapies, create U.S. jobs, and increase U.S. competitiveness. The Department of Health and Human Services evaluated each project for its potential to produce new therapies, reduce long-term health care costs, or cure cancer within 30 years.

About Pharmasan Labs, Inc.

Pharmasan Labs, Inc. is an independent, CLIA certified lab (ID #52D0914898) also licensed by the New York State Department of Health (Serial #CQPZ6456). It performs testing in the fields of neurology, immunology, and endocrinology and offers its services through NeuroScience, Inc.


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