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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan. 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., , which focuses on the development and commercialization of proprietary pharmaceuticals for the global marketplace in collaboration with local partners, announces that an application has been made to London Stock Exchange plc and the UK Listing Authority for the listing of 3,150,914 common shares of US$0.0001 each. These shares are issued pursuant to the Placing announced 8 January 2007. The common shares will rank pari passu with the existing common shares in the capital of the Company. Admission is expected to become effective and dealings commence at 08.00 12 January 2007.

For more information please contact: Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc Lisa Conte, Chief Executive Officer (001) + 650 616 1902 Charles Thompson, Chief Financial Officer (001) + 650 616 1903 Buchanan Communications 020 7466 5000 Tim Anderson, Mary-Jane Johnson Nomura Code Securities Limited 020 7776 1204 Clare Terlouw About Napo

Napo Pharmaceuticals Inc. focuses on the development and commercialization of proprietary pharmaceuticals for the global marketplace in collaboration with local partners. Napo was founded in November 2001, and is based in California, USA with a subsidiary in Mumbai, India.

Napo's late-stage proprietary gastro-intestinal compound, crofelemer, is in various stages of clinical development for four distinct product indications, including a late-stage Phase 3 program:

-- CRO-HIV for AIDS diarrhea, Phase 3 -- CRO-IBS for diarrhea irritable bowel syndrome ("D-IBS"), Phase 2 -- CRO-ID for acute infectious diarrhea (including cholera), Phase 2 -- CRO-PED for pediatric diarrhea, Phase 1 The FDA has granted fast-track status to CRO-IBS and CRO-HIV.

Crofelemer, a proprietary patented agent, is extracted from Croton lechleri, a medicinal plant which can be sustainably harvested from several countries in South America. Napo also plans to develop a pre-clinical product, NP-500, for the treatment of insulin resistant diseases of Type II diabetes and Syndrome X. Napo also has a plant library of approximately 2,300 medicinal plants from tropical regions and Napo has entered its first screening relationship associated with this collection. Currently, products are based on the chemical and biological diversity derived from plants with medicinal properties, but future products may be in-licensed from other sources.

Napo has partnerships with Trine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of the United States of America; Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited of India; and AsiaPharm Group Ltd. of China. For more information please visit

Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

CONTACT: Lisa Conte, Chief Executive Officer, +001-650-616-1902, orCharles Thompson, Chief Financial Officer, +001-650-616-1903, both of NapoPharmaceuticals, Inc.; or Tim Anderson, or Mary-Jane Johnson, both ofBuchanan Communications +020-7466-5000; or Clare Terlouw of Nomura CodeSecurities Limited, +020-7776-1204

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