Nabriva Therapeutics Initiates Clinical Phase I Trial of Pleuromutilin Antibiotic BC-3781

Published: Jul 23, 2009

Vienna, Austria- July 23 2009- Nabriva Therapeutics today announced the initiation of a clinical Phase I trial for BC-3781, a pleuromutilin antibiotic being developed to treat serious infections including complicated skin and skin structure infections and community-acquired pneumonia. The clinical study is designed to evaluate the safety and tolerability of BC-3781 in humans via intravenous administration.

BC-3781 is highly active against key gram-positive pathogens, including MRSA, and gram-negative pathogens associated with community-acquired pneumonia. Its novel mode of action ensures that BC-3781 overcomes resistance mechanisms affecting all approved classes of antibiotics. In addition it belongs to the first generation of pleuromutilins to combine availability of both oral and i.v. dosage forms.

Dr. David Chiswell, CEO of Nabriva Therapeutics said: “In 2009 Nabriva intends to generate key human data for our two lead pleuromutilin-based antibiotics, BC-3205 and BC-3781. The BC-3205 oral administration clinical trial is already underway and we are delighted now to be also commencing the trial for intravenously administered BC-3781. Of particular note is that this is the first time a pleuromutilin antibiotic has been administered via the intravenous route opening the possibility for pleuromutilin based step-down therapy.”

About Nabriva Therapeutics

Nabriva Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on developing a new class of antibiotics for the treatment of serious infections caused by resistant pathogens. The Company’s two systemically available pleuromutilin antibiotics, BC-3205 and BC-3781, are being developed for both oral and IV administration with extensive clinical phase I data becoming available during 2009. In addition, Nabriva Therapeutics’ topical pleuromutilin product candidate, BC-7013, is also in clinical phase I.

Nabriva Therapeutics has a proven track record in world-class medicinal chemistry, clinical expertise, a seasoned management team and solid IP. Nabriva Therapeutics is located in Vienna, Austria.

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