Myomo, Inc. Launches myomo@home Program

Published: Aug 09, 2010

CAMBRIDGE, MA--(Marketwire - August 09, 2010) - Myomo, Inc., the developer of neuro-robotic stroke rehabilitation technology, has launched myomo@home, a program that enables stroke survivors to purchase the Myomo System directly for use at home. The system is a neuro-robotic rehabilitation device that helps impaired stroke survivors increase movement in their arms, and has been clinically proven effective from two days to 21 years post stroke. Used in the clinical setting since 2008, the Myomo System is now available directly to consumers with a physician's prescription. Myomo has successfully completed FDA requirements to demonstrate that the device is safe for use in the home.

"Our goal is to make the Myomo System available to as many people as can benefit from it," explains Steve Kelly, Myomo's CEO. "Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the US. There is a great need to restore independence to those who have suffered a stroke. Our new program expands access to world-class rehabilitation therapy and technology to any individual at home regardless of geography."

"We were able to get therapy with the Myomo System, but the nearest clinic was a four hour round trip drive," said Dean Kenefick, who suffered a stroke in 2004. "When Myomo started a pilot program for home use, we purchased one. I use the Myomo device three times a week and consistently get more return of muscle and movement."

A Model for Delivering High-Frequency Stroke Rehabilitation

myomo@home is a comprehensive program that leverages evidence-based techniques to restore arm movement. It combines the Myomo System with therapy from a trained and certified Myomo physical or occupational therapist. Direction from a therapist and adherence to a prescribed protocol is critical to the success of stroke patients using the Myomo System at home.

"Myomo was developed based on a well-known principle that if you work at it, you will get better at it," said Steve Williams, MD, Chief, Chairman, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Boston Medical Center. "Just like learning and getting better at a sport or a craft, re-learning to move your arm requires repetitive practice to keep getting better at it."

To acquire the product, Myomo has a defined process that includes an in-person or a Web-based video screening and the participation of a clinical partner or a local therapist. If the patient doesn't have access to a local therapy resource, Myomo works with them to connect with a local therapist through its independent therapist network.

Myomo provides therapist training and certification through a multi-level certification program that is completed either in-person or live via the Web. Each therapy protocol is customized for the individual patient and follow-up is conducted to adjust treatment for the most potential improvement. Unlimited phone customer service is included with the program.

About Myomo

Myomo develops neuro-robotic technology that helps impaired stroke survivors regain movement in their arms. The company combines technology developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with rehabilitation professionals trained at the best hospitals in the country, to help stroke patients regain independence. For more information, visit Join us on Facebook at

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