Mustard Tree Instruments Showcases New Raman Spectroscopy Non-Destructive Verification Instrumentation for the Pharmaceutical Market

Published: Dec 02, 2011

(Research Triangle Park, N.C.) Mustard Tree Instruments®, an innovator in analytical instrumentation for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce that Science Officer Brisco Harward Ph.D. addressed members of the NY Section of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy (NYSAS) on November 9, 2011.

Dr. Harward was invited to address the group by a leading spectroscopist who was attending a demonstration of the Mustard Tree Verifier™ Tri-Test 1000 (VTT-1000) analytical testing device earlier this fall.

"It was rewarding to be able to give a highly technical talk in front of a scientific group, especially the vibrational spectroscopists with NYSAS who are experts in this field, many with 20-plus years or more experience," Dr. Harward said. The head of the spectroscopy department at a major Northeastern U.S. university was on hand, in addition to an internationally renowned leader in spectroscopy with over 200 papers published in scientific journals.

The presentation focused on the VTT-1000 and type of measurements it can make, such as differentiating very similar chemical species which cannot be distinguished using other commercial spectroscopic systems. After the presentation, the audience asked very specific technical questions concerning spectral processing and matching, and was overwhelmingly receptive.

Dr. Harward added, "We welcomed this opportunity to discuss our instrumentation approach with other experts in this field, and are pleased that we received a such a favorable response."

The NYSAS presentation is a continuation of educational outreach efforts to share best practices and information on trends and challenges in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Mustard Tree Instruments® CEO Todd Blonshine recently addressed the issues of quality control and drug shortages in Research Triangle Park as the featured speaker at the November Innovation in RTP event, also held on the 9th, and late this past summer Dr. Harward hosted the informational webinar "Counterfeit Drugs, Product Recalls, Raw Material Testing and QC Backlogs - Sound Familiar?"

The VTT-1000 featured in Dr. Harward's NYSAS presentation is a novel multi-variant instrument which combines three modes of analysis in a single unit. Unveiled in May of this year, the VTT-1000 performs chemical identification, size, and color analysis in a non-destructive process. It is targeted to address issues from raw material identification to finished product dosage confirmation to authentication of brand versus counterfeited products.

"The technology allows for the rapid verification of raw materials, in-process samples, and finished products that otherwise takes hours or even days to perform," Dr. Harward said, explaining that the VTT-1000 reduces individual testing time to less than a minute when compared with typical lab tests. "The instrument will enable pharmaceutical companies to improve the QC and product verification process," he said.

This important verification tool allows users to make instant quality control decisions on the go, correcting production when inconsistencies are found and avoiding costly recalls of finished product.

Dr. Harward received his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Tennessee, which included research performed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His work experience includes BASF, GlaxoSmithKline, Cardinal Health, and other organizations. His 20-plus years in pharma included roles managing groups involved in new technology development in R&D, as well as technical services at a pharma contract manufacturing site, and the manufacture and packaging of clinical supplies. In his role as Science Officer at Mustard Tree Instruments®, he is involved in the development, testing, and application of Raman-based instrumentation to support pharma processes.

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About Mustard Tree Instruments®

Mustard Tree Instruments® accelerates the QC process by bringing testing from the lab to the production line ( Mustard Tree Instruments® is redefining pharmaceutical manufacturing testing with a unique multi-variant device, the VTT-1000. Using Raman spectroscopy technology for enhanced accuracy, this easy to use at-line instrument quickly verifies raw materials to final dosage forms in solid, powder, and liquid product samples within seconds. The rapid analytics of the VTT-1000 significantly reduce testing time and set-up costs while mitigating manufacturing risks associated with bad product batches. Mustard Tree Instruments is committed to fully engaging customers from purchase through implementation. For more information, visit

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