Multi-Channel Marketing Made Easy with Springboard, Arches New Healthcare Tool

NEW YORK, March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Arches Technology provides marketing cloud software solutions for the healthcare industry. With healthcare in mind, Arches has sprung its newest innovation in the healthcare marketing industry; Springboard.

Springboard helps marketers map out and create tailored multi-channel campaigns. It allows them to store them in one place, so nothing gets lost in the process. With Springboard, it is easy to share the entire marketing strategy with other team members, whether they were around during the development process or not.

Recognizing the clunky process behind creating multi-channel marketing strategies and campaign maps, Arches set forth with developing Springboard, a free tool for healthcare marketers. Springboard makes it impossible to ignore channels outside of email, like push messages, SMS, phone, and direct mail. It's also impossible to lose your work because your maps automatically save on the platform.

"My team and I have been doing healthcare multi-channel marketing for almost two decades. We know that marketers (both client and agency-side) want a campaign strategy they can understand at a glance," said Daniella Koren, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arches Technology.

"We are very excited to see Springboard take off so quickly after its launch. The tool has been widely received in less than a month, and we are very eager to continue to watch it grow," commented Tommy Zambelli, VP of Marketing and Customer Success. "We are committed to raising the strategic bar and simplifying healthcare marketing's complexities through the use of technology, and Springboard is just our newest tool in allowing healthcare marketers to do so."

About Arches

Arches Technology ( is a healthcare marketing technology company devoted to simplifying the healthcare industry with technology for easier engagement, connection, and communication. Arches Technology is headquartered in New York.

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