mPactAir, LLC (Los Angeles, CA) is Proud to Announce That BMT Fibers (New York, NY) Has Appointed mPactAir, LLC as a Strategic Production Partner for the Launch of the High Performance mPactAir99™ Non-medical Mask


LOS ANGELES, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- mPactAir99™ uses BMT NanoScreentechnology to create functional, high performance filtration masks that are reusable and washable and engineered to balance outstanding filtration efficiency with the highest rated breathability available.

Unlike disposable masks that are designed for one-time use and N95 medical grade masks which should be reserved for front line healthcare workers, mPactAir99™ can be used for long periods of time and sanitized for re-use without significant impact on performance. The advanced breathability of the mPactAir99™ mask provides a more comfortable user experience and helps to eliminate the enormous amount of landfill waste being produced by single use disposable masks every day.

Even with the arrival of COVID-19 vaccinations, and according to the CDC and WHO, masks will continue to be a critical tool in a multi-layer approach to limiting the spread of the virus. BMT NanoScreentechnology blocks a wide range of airborne droplets carrying virus and bacteria as well as pollen, allergens, fly ash, agricultural & coal dust.

"The number one reason people remove a mask is because they simply cannot breathe, and partnering with BMT Fibers has allowed us to innovate a true solution that balances superior filtration with our revolutionary breathability" said Richard

Abramson, Managing Partner at mPactAir.

Our team is extremely proud to be associated with such an innovative bio-security and technology partner. The unique value proposition of NanoScreen™ delivers very high ASTM-tested filtration performance and sustainability, while allowing people to protect each other from the air we share.  There are very few technology partners who have been able to innovate such a remarkable product, and we are certain that mPactAir will have more exciting innovations to come – John F. Price, President & COO, BMT Fibers.

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