Mott Corporation Offers Porous Metal Spargers for Chemical Processes

Published: Aug 22, 2013

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Farmington, CT (August 2013) - Mott Corporation designs and manufactures a wide variety of sparging products ideally suited for gas dispersion into liquids for chemical processing. These spargers introduce gases through thousands of tiny pores, creating bubbles far smaller and more numerous that other sparging methods. Smaller bubbles increase the gas/liquid contact area reducing the time and volume required to dissolve the gas into the liquid.

Mott spargers are often used in oxygen stripping, carbon dioxide stripping, aeration, steam sparging, carbon dioxide injection for pH control, waste treatment, and nitrogen injection to minimize oxidation. A principal advantage of porous metal media is the accuracy and precision with which the gas can be delivered. The ability to precisely control the media pore size and permeability allows precise flow control at prescribed differential pressures.

Mott Corporation has been providing engineered solutions through the use of porous metal technology and development since 1959. Applications and processes are enhanced through the use of porous metal because it is cleanable, durable, and has uniform porosity. The unique nature of the porous structures coupled with the characteristics of our metal alloys (high strength, high temperature and corrosion resistance) make Mott materials ideally suited for extreme applications.

Mott has design/development teams that continually engineer porous metal components, sub-assemblies and finished products for applications in a wide variety of industries including biotechnology, medical, chemical, petrochemical, refining, instrumentation, food and beverage, and alternative energy.

For additional information on the Mott Corporation and our products or capabilities, please contact Mott Corporation, 84 Spring Lane, Farmington, CT 06032, 1-860-747-6333. Website: / E-Mail:

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