Mologen AG: Three Poster Presentations At ESMO 2014 Congress

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Berlin, September 18, 2014 – Two posters on clinical trials with the cancer immune therapy MGN1703 and one with the therapeutic cancer vaccine MGN1601 of the biotechnology company MOLOGEN AG have been accepted at the ESMO Congress in Madrid (September 26 – 30, 2014). Updated data on patients with long-term progression-free survival from the phase II IMPACT trial with MGN1703 in colorectal cancer will be presented. In addition, a second poster will be featured on the design of IMPALA, the subsequent pivotal study. Furthermore, final results of the ASET trial with MGN1601 in heavily pretreated patients with advanced renal cancer will be shown.

All abstracts from the ESMO 2014 Congress will be published in a supplement to the Annals of Oncology journal.

Poster details:

All three posters will be presented on September 29, 2014 from 12.45 pm to 1.45 pm:

1061P - IMPACT study: A subgroup of metastatic colorectal cancer patients with very prolonged disease control under maintenance therapy with the TLR-9 agonist MGN1703

1077TiP - Immunomodulatory maintenance therapy with TLR-9 agonist MGN1703 in patients with metastatic colorectal carcinoma – the randomized phase 3 IMPALA study

1063P - ASET study: Final results of patients with locally recurrent or metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) treated with MGN1601

For more information on the ESMO please visit ESMO’s website

For more information on the IMPALA, IMPACT and ASET trials please visit

About MGN1703

MGN1703 is an innovative DNA-based TLR-9 agonist developed by MOLOGEN. It broadly activates the immune system against tumor-associated antigens (TAA) which are released by cancer cells. Once activated by MGN1703, the immune system is able to overcome its fatal tolerance toward cancer cells and attacks them selectively. Due to this mechanism of action, MGN1703 can be applied to different indications of cancer.

About MGN1601

MGN1601 is a therapeutic vaccination to fight advanced renal cancer. It is a cell-based cancer therapy based on genetically modified, allogeneic tumor cells. A cell bank established by MOLOGEN AG from human renal cancer cells forms the basis. These cancer cells from the cell bank, foreign (allogeneic) to the patients, are “genetically modified” with additional genetic information with the help of four different MIDGE® vectors developed by MOLOGEN and are combined with the DNA immunomodulator dSLIM®, also developed by MOLOGEN, as an adjuvant. The active principle of the cell-based gene therapy is to induce of a cross-reaction of the patients’ immune system against their own cancer cells after the immune system has learned what cancer cells typically look like via its response to the genetically-modified foreign cancer cells.


MOLOGEN AG is a biotechnology company specialized in the research and clinical development of cancer immune therapies and DNA vaccines against infectious diseases.

The cancer immune therapy MGN1703 is the company’s lead product and best-in-class TLR-9 agonist. It is currently developed for first-line maintenance treatment of colorectal cancer (pivotal randomized trial) and lung cancer (randomized controlled trial). Second clinical-stage product is MGN1601, a therapeutic vaccination for the treatment of renal cancer. A phase I/II clinical study has already been completed successfully.

With unique, patented technologies and innovative products, MOLOGEN is pioneering immune therapies. MOLOGEN AG is a publicly listed company, headquartered in Berlin. The shares (ISIN DE0006637200) are listed in the Prime Standard of the German Stock Exchange.

Memberships in associations:

Biotechnologieverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (bbb) e.V. | BIO Deutschland e.V. | DECHEMA - Society for chemical technology and biotechnology e.V. | German industrial association of biotechnology (DIB) | Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany | Association of German biotechnology companies (VBU) | Association of researching manufacturers of pharmaceuticals e.V. (VFA) | Association of the chemical industry e.V. (VCI)

MIDGE®, dSLIM®, EnanDIM® and MOLOGEN® are registered trademarks of MOLOGEN AG.


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Head of Investor Relations
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