Mole Genetics Launches First "Personal" Automated DNA Purification System

Published: Feb 04, 2008

Oslo February 4, 2008 – Mole Genetics today launched the new GeneMole® automated DNA extraction system in Europe following successful trials in the Nordic region. The compact new instrument has an entry level price of EUR 9,500 designed to bring it within the range of all research teams.

According to Marketing Director, Tone Yrvum, GeneMole® fills a major gap in the market: “Until now laboratories have been forced down the route of expensive systems which is restricting their use to laboratories with the best research financing. On the other hand, manual preparation kits continue to be extremely time consuming and stressful. With GeneMole®, we want to make low throughput automated DNA purification available to any laboratory. Our initial trials in Norway and Sweden have proved the attractiveness of this concept with all the trial sites converting to actually purchase an instrument.”

GeneMole® is a closed and fully automated system comprising a liquid-handling robot capable of running 1 to 16 samples at a time. Operation is simple via the intuitive touch-screen menu. Set-up time is only 3 minutes. Samples are loaded in a rack and then transferred by the robot to sealed and disposable MoleStrips™ which are pre-filled with reagents. Sample volumes are from 50 µl- 200 µl with launch protocols available for DNA DNA blood, DNA tissue, RNA cells and RNA tissue. Using purification based on magnetic beads, high quality nucleic acids are ready for downstream applications within 40 minutes. Use of the disposable MoleStrips™ eliminates crossover or contamination and makes GeneMole® particularly suitable for multi-user environments. Maintenance is minimal. GeneMole® is being marketed by VWR in Europe and will be rolled out at a series of roadshows and miniexhibitions during the fist half of the year.

Mole Genetics ASA Mole Genetics (established 2005) is a privately owned Norwegian life science company dedicated to develop products that simplify the methods used within biomedical research and nucleic acid based diagnostics. The people behind Mole have their industrial experience from Dynal (Invitrogen) and were founders of GenoVision (acquired by Qiagen for 200 million NOK in 2002). The Mole team has previously had success with developing automated nucleic acid extraction products for large clinical- and diagnostic laboratories. The intention of Mole Genetics is open up a completely new market by making automated solutions available to research laboratories. For more information visit

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