Mettler-Toledo Release: New Live Webinar: Using DMA Master Curves/TTS To Describe Viscoelastic Behavior At Extreme Frequencies

Published: Oct 09, 2017

Greifensee, Switzerland (PRWEB)

METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to present a new live webinar, DMA Master Curves and the TTS Principle, on Thursday, October 26th, 2017. The English-language presentation, offered three times to allow participation from around the globe, will explore how DMA and the Time-Temperature Superposition principle (TTS) can be used to predict viscoelastic behaviors of polymeric materials at frequencies outside the accessible measurement range.

Viscoelastic behavior depends on frequency and temperature, and there is a general equivalence between frequency- and temperature-related behavior during transition processes. This equivalence is referred to as TTS, and it forms the theoretical basis of the master curve technique that enables prediction of polymer relaxation behavior outside the testable range.

The master curve technique allows the approximately four decades of experimentally accessible frequencies to be extended to about 20. Individual isothermal sweeps are shifted with a mouse click towards a selected reference temperature. Various models have been developed to describe this shift behavior. The computerized combination of these sweeps creates a master curve.

When using TTS software, the well-known Williams–Landel–Ferry (WLF) model is typically used for master-curve construction. In the webinar, METTLER TOLEDO will explore the WLF model, as well as basic time and temperature equivalence, frequency dependence, and master-curve shift-diagram building using representative applications.

The presentation will conclude with a Q&A so participants can have their most pressing application questions answered. Click here to register for the free, live DMA/TTS presentation.

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