Mendor Announces Partnership with Merck Serono in the UK

ESPOO, Finland, February 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Mendor, the Finnish diabetes technology company, continues its rapid growth and is excited to announce yet another international partnership - now opening the United Kingdom for its innovative products. Mendor has just signed a distribution agreement with a leading pharmaceutical company in the Diabetes field Merck Serono, covering the United Kingdom diabetes market.

Mendor's first product, a blood glucose meter the Mendor Discreet, is a unique device that contains all the necessary components for daily blood glucose measurements: the meter, 25 strips and a lancing device in an integrated, stylish device the size of a mobile phone. Mendor Discreet is designed to simplify the lives of people with diabetes who regularly need to test their blood glucose levels.

Mendor and Merck Serono are aiming for a launch in the British market this March at the Diabetes UK exhibition in Glasgow. Healthcare professionals will be able to see first-hand this new easy-to-use, highly portable and integrated device.

This new partnership adds to the list of distribution agreements Mendor has been proud to announce recently, including partnerships with EBN Sina in Qatar and Mediq in the Baltics. With continued expansion on its agenda, Mendor is continuing negotiations with several major international players in the global diabetes market and is looking forward to launching in several new markets during 2012.

Mendor's CEO Kristian Ranta comments: "We are thrilled to have such a great partnership in place with a true global frontrunner in diabetes care - Merck Serono. In addition I have to give praise to our staff at Mendor for their persistent hard work in developing the company and our business. We are looking forward to building a better future for people with diabetes together with solid partners such as Merck Serono." Founded in 2006 in Helsinki, Finland, Mendor develops, manufactures and markets innovative diabetes management products.

With the Mendor Discreet blood glucose meter, the patient also gets a license for the Mendor Balance, an advanced cloud-based self-care application. The Mendor Balance empowers the diabetic to see the full picture of their treatment, and helps in recognizing and setting personalized improvement targets. The data produced by the application gives health care professionals a solid evidence-based platform for discussion with the patient.

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Technical information:

The Mendor Discreet is a CE marked IVD medical device. It is a portable blood glucose monitoring device that uses sensors to measure and analyse the userĀ“s blood glucose value in mmol/l. The measured blood glucose value is presented on display to support the user in managing his/her blood glucose behaviour. The device has been designed for people with diabetes who need to measure their blood glucose values as a part of their treatment. The device also provides memory features of measured glucose values.

The device is all in one type premium class digital Blood Glucose Monitor. The product has a modern design outlook, high quality features, materials and product finishing. The device contains all required functions in one device; test strip dispensing system, lancing device and measuring electronics. It also contains a primary battery for powering the device in all operating modes. Battery can be replaced by the user. Optional PC/WEB software can be used with the monitor to enhance the product functionality. Data transfer is managed with using a data transfer cable between a personal computer and a serial connector of the device.


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