MedX Health Corp. Announces Investor Relations Agreement

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- MedX Health Corp. (“MedX” or the “Company”) (TSX-V:MDX). The Company announces that it has received notice from the TSX-V accepting an Investor Relations Agreement entered into with Mi3 Communications Financières Inc. (the “Consultant”) with an effective date of December 1, 2017. Under the terms of the Agreement, the Consultant will carry out activities to develop the Eastern Canada shareholder base of the Company, and the Company will pay to the Consultant a monthly consideration of $5,000, together with any pre-approved expenses, for a period of six months commencing December 1, 2017. In addition, the Company has granted to the Consultant 300,000 incentive stock options, exercisable at the price of $0.15 each, vesting in four equal instalments of 25% at three, six and twelve months from the date of grant, valid and exercisable for a period of one year from the date of grant and otherwise subject to the terms of the Company’s Stock Option Plan. Pursuant to the Policies of the TSX-V, the Company has internal policies and procedures in place to monitor investor relations activities and to ensure compliance with all applicable Securities Laws, Regulations and Policies and Policies of the TSX-V.

About MedX

MedX, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, is a leading medical device company focused on skin cancer with its SIAscopy technology. This technology is imbedded in its products SIAMETRICS™, SIMSYS, and MoleMate™, which MedX manufactures in its ISO 13485 certified facility. SIMSYS, and MoleMate™ include hand-held devices that use patented technology utilizing light and its remittance to view up to 2 mm beneath suspicious moles and lesions in a pain free, non-invasive manner, with its software then creating real-time images for physicians and dermatologists to evaluate all types of moles or lesions within seconds. The devices are sold to physicians and clinics, as well as being deployed in pharmacies and remote clinics from where the images are sent to dermatologists who perform a diagnosis. These products are Health Canada, FDA (US), ARTG and CE approved for use in Canada, the US, Australia, the European Union and Turkey. SIAMETRICS™ is a unique product used in a specialized market for research into the clinical effectiveness of medical treatments of certain skin conditions. MedX also designs, manufactures and distributes quality laser and light therapy technologies for use in numerous medical settings, approved in major jurisdictions, to provide drug free and non-invasive treatment of tissue damage and pain. For more information and a complete profile of MedX and its products visit

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