MediSapiens Is A Partner In Newly Established International Consortium For Personalized Medicine

Published: Jan 20, 2016

HELSINKI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MediSapiens Ltd. (, a Finnish developer and provider of Bio-IT solutions for research and biomedicine, is a partner in an international consortium aiming at developing personalized medicine applications using integrated genome and other health data. The consortium was founded and is headed by the Competence Centre on Health Technologies of Estonia (CCHT) in the framework of the Competence Centre programme supported via Enterprise Estonia. Along with MediSapiens and CCHT, the other consortium members are the University of Tartu Estonian Genome Center (Estonia), Tallinn University of Technology eMedicine Laboratory (Estonia), BioEximi OÜ (Estonia), Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. (Finland) and Coimbra Genomics (Portugal).

“We are very excited to be part of such a strong consortium with an important aim of improving healthcare processes and health of individuals through novel personalized medicine tools”

The first part of the project “Assessment of terms for the development of clinically valid and commercially viable personalized medicine products and services” aims at defining those personalized medicine products and services the consortium expects to bring to the market together, and exploring and selecting appropriate business models. This phase will be finalized by May 2016, and will be continued to subsequent research and development phases. In order to align the products and services with market needs and ensure clinical applicability, clinical experts will be invited to counsel the consortium. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund via Enterprise Estonia, the CCHT and its consortium partners. “Our consortium has the potential for smooth development and application in Estonia and elsewhere”, Prof. Anders Salumets, CEO of CCHT said in a statement.

“We are very excited to be part of such a strong consortium with an important aim of improving healthcare processes and health of individuals through novel personalized medicine tools”, says Sami Kilpinen, CEO of MediSapiens. “The project is excellently aligned with our goals to serve the consumer and professional medical and clinical sectors comprehensively.”

About MediSapiens:

MediSapiens Ltd. is a bioinformatics company specialized in pharmaceutical research and translational genomics, providing pharmaceutical and biomedical research organizations with tools that help them design more effective personalized drugs against life-threatening diseases. Established in 2009 and based in Helsinki, Finland and Cambridge, Massachusetts, MediSapiens creates intuitive software platforms to manage, integrate, and visualize complex multi-dimensional datasets, such as genomic sequencing data. The company's goal is to drive medicine forward by developing tools that provide scientists with a way to quickly analyze and visualize vast amounts of data and turn it into knowledge that fuels innovation. For further information, please visit

About other consortium members:

Tervisetehnoloogiate Arenduskeskus AS (CCHT; EE) is a research and technology organisation focused on applied research and product development in personalized medicine, drug development and reproductive medicine. University of Tartu Estonian Genome Center is an Estonian population-based biobank with a cohort size of over 50,000 people. Tallinn University of Technology e-Medicine Laboratory is focused on research and development in the field of e-medicine and health data. BioEximi OÜ is in the business of reproductive medicine, biotechnology and consulting. Duodecim Medical Publications Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Finnish doctors’ and Medial students scientific society engaged in the business of clinical decision support applications development. Coimbra Genomics is a biotechnology start- up developing clinical decision support systems based on genome data.

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