Medical Supply & Services Company Adapts to 40 Years of Healthcare Industry Changes

ST. LOUIS, June 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- What does it take to stay in business - and grow - for 40 years, in the challenging and ever-changing healthcare industry? Nextra Health President and CEO Dustin Smart, celebrating the company's 40th anniversary this year, has a good idea.

When Nextra Health (formerly STL Medical) was founded in 1978, the healthcare industry was radically different. Patient access to medical supplies, the number and types of medical supplies available to consumers, and the role of health insurance are just some of the significant industry changes. "In fact," says Smart, "one of our prime customer bases, Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) as we know them today did not really exist in 1978."

How did St. Louis-based Nextra Health survive and thrive across 40 years of continual industry changes? In a word - innovation.

"Over the past 40 years, the healthcare industry has changed dramatically and continues to do so," explains Smart. "We strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide innovative programs designed to serve patients as well as MCOs and their members."

The company developed new offerings to address MCOs' evolving needs and challenges. These targeted and customizable Engagement Solutions provide MCOs with unique ways to interact with their members to encourage enrollment, retention, and healthy behaviors among their membership.

Facilitating innovation at a growing business takes many forms, but for Nextra Health, the key was a knowledgeable staff with their finger on the pulse of customer needs. "Our dedicated staff has decades of experience allowing them to truly understand the intricacies and unique problems that our customers and patients face," explains Smart. "This unmatched expertise allows us to turn complex information and sophisticated processes into effective and straightforward solutions for our clients. We break down, explain, and solve difficult problems better than our competition."

"MCOs across the country trust Nextra Health as an advanced health services organization, contracted provider, and solutions partner. Our proven track record gives MCOs confidence that we can help them meet the needs of their members while achieving their business objectives."

Amid all this change, some things don't change.

For four decades, Nextra Health has been dedicated to improving the health and well-being through superior-quality medical supplies, effective business services, and innovative health solutions. They became a leader in the medical supply and health services industry by continually innovating new products and services to better serve customers in the ever-changing medical industry landscape. After 40 years, this family-owned business still dedicated to taking care forward.

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