Medical Respiratory Trainer Goes Mainstream With Smartphone-Enabled System That Improves Sports Performance by 50%

Pro2FIT brings Inspiratory Muscle Training to the masses with the first multi-platform device to offer a proven workout that boosts work capacity and strength in six to eight weeks

BOSTON, April 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Pro2FIT™--the first multi-platform device to offer a proven inspiratory muscle training (IMT) workout--is now available for the masses.

Using a clinically proven protocol for training the inspiratory muscles, which has been around for decades in the medical and sports environments, the Pro2FIT training method is safe, effective and studies have shown that after six to eight weeks of training just two to three times a week, breathing muscle power, work capacity and strength increased an average of 50%. This was associated with a 10% increase in aerobic capacity. With these increases, anyone, from athletes to working moms, can push further and recover faster.

Instead of simply giving users a device to breathe through, this system walks users through the training process with easy to understand step-by-step instructions.

Pro2FIT brings IMT to the masses with a personal device that's easy to use and pairs with your smartphone to provide a fun, highly motivating workout.

If you would like more information about Pro2FIT, please visit or contact Kelly Ann Collins at 323-642-7756 or email


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