Medi-Immune Release: Protecting Humanity From The Next Airborne Pandemic

Published: Jul 31, 2017

London, England – July 31, 2017 – Today Medi-Immune Ltd, a U.K. medical technology company, announced groundbreaking trial results carried out on their wearable medical device ‘Inocul-Air®’, which confirmed both protection and the stimulation of immune response against respiratory pathogens, regardless of mutation.

Medi-Immune Limited has successfully concluded extensive functional trials of its patented wearable device. The trial established that users of Inocul-Air® will be fully protected from, and additionally develop a protective response when exposed to, any airborne pathogen regardless of mutation, even those which can render vaccines and other therapeutics ineffective.

During the past four years, the company has developed prototype devices and conducted testing at Public Health England at Porton Down. It is now confident that, using its filter-free technology, a range of personal devices can be built which will protect individuals more effectively than any of the currently available filtration face masks. In vitro and in vivo tests were designed to demonstrate that the innovative battery-powered device would not only deliver superior protection to the user, but simultaneously trigger a protective response to those airborne pathogens. The in vivo trials commenced in January 2017 and completed in early April; the fully documented results are now available.

The results represent a radical shift in the field of immunology and airborne pathogen protection. Inocul-Air® promises to be a valuable tool to supplement and complement existing vaccine development to unknown or quickly mutating airborne pathogens, by providing protection until a vaccine can be developed and tested. A key purpose of the trial was to establish that an immune response was triggered when the subject was exposed to inhaled pathogens passed through Inocul-Air®.

The use of Inocul-Air® will be particularly effective in areas where an infectious level of unknown airborne pathogens exist, or where no vaccine is currently available, to protect the general population and medical personnel against a known or developing pathogen. It will also be efficacious when used by a subject with a respiratory infection by protecting others, not just by reducing the number of infectious pathogens getting into the air but allowing those breathing that air to be immunised.

In addition to the instant protection provided ‘in the field’, the underlying technology can also be deployed in more stable environments where a patient’s immune system is compromised and therefore requires protection. For more information please call or mail

John Willcocks
+44 7774 626270
+44 1243 528866

Notes to Editors

Medi-Immune Limited is a start-up company with patented intellectual property relating to the innovation contained within their wearable device.

Protection factors well in excess of 99.999999% for Influenza A, without any of the normally seen breathing difficulties associated with filtration masks, are easily achievable.

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