MedGenome's OncoPept™ Named 'Best Overall Genomics Solution' in 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards

FOSTER CITY, Calif., June 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- MedGenome's OncoPept™ platform of advanced genomics-based solutions designed to accelerate cancer immune-oncology research, was named the winner of the 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards for 'Best Overall Genomics Solution.'

OncoPept™ platform is used by researchers to help identify biomarkers aimed at delivering personalized therapies including more durable, improved and responsive cancer immunotherapy treatments. It offers a personalized cancer therapy approach leveraging a novel T cell receptor binding algorithm to predict personalized cancer vaccine candidates, and provides a high-throughput multi-dimensional view of the tumor microenvironment using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) based solutions.

"We thank the MedTech Breakthrough Awards for recognizing our research solutions that benefit a global community of patients dealing with various types of cancer. As a leading genomics-based research company, it is our mission to improve health worldwide by developing deep insights into diseases, ultimately leading to treatments and - eventually - cures," said Dr. Amitabha Chaudhuri, VP, Research and Development at MedGenome.

"The genomics market is incredibly competitive, and we are thrilled to recognize industry innovator, MedGenome, for their breakthrough OncoPept™ cancer immunotherapy biomarker platform," said James Johnson, Managing Director at MedTech Breakthrough. "MedGenome's solutions are delivering a truly personalized cancer therapy approach, and we are excited to recognize their platform as our 'Best Overall Genomics Solution' award winner in the 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards program."

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies, people, platforms and products in the health, fitness and medical technology industries today. The mission of the MedTech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and success of health and medical technology companies, services and products.

With over 3,000 global nominations this year for the MedTech Breakthrough Awards, the competition was incredibly fierce. Notable winners from other categories include GE, WebMD, FitBit, Philips, 23andMe, Humana, Abbott, Apple and an impressive list of top companies and startups in the MedTech industry.

About MedGenome
MedGenome Inc. is a global leader in genomics research and a superior partner to pharma/biotech companies and academic research institutions conducting complex disease biomarker-identification projects. We have unique molecular-level insights into populations that suffer from inherited diseases at twice the rate of people in the United States and Europe thanks to our leadership in genomics-based diagnostics and research in India. About 5,000 isolated population groups there feature extreme homogeneity, or similarity within the group, yet significant heterogeneity, or differentiation between them. These groups are ideal for large-scale genetic-research studies for biomarker discovery. Our global footprint includes laboratories in the United States, Singapore and India. Our 400 employees and expert scientists use industry-leading tools and solutions, bioinformatics and big-data analytics to unlock rich genomic insights into rare and complex diseases including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, metabolic diseases, ophthalmological disorders, neurological diseases and rare inherited disorders. Our headquarters is in Foster City, California.

About the MedTech Breakthrough Awards
The MedTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies, people, platforms and products in the health, fitness and medical technology industries today.

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