Make Your Online Job Search Work for You

By MedHunters Staff

There are a lot of people looking for jobs online. A July 2002 report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that everyday more than four million Americans search for jobs online. This number is 33% higher than the daily rate in 2000. And an Ipsos-Reid survey found that 50% of Canadian adults with internet access have looked at online job postings.

There are certainly many places to look. As a result, a person can quite easily apply for an enormous pile of jobs. Therein lies the problem. Imagine your embarrassment when an employer calls you, and you have no recollection of even applying for the job. Or you are no longer interested in the job. Because you never know which caller may offer you your dream job, you should be prepared to sound knowledgeable, interested, and confident during every telephone conversation. Don't inadvertently close any doors.

Here are some tips for online job searches:

  • Just because you can apply for 500 jobs doesn't mean you should: points are not awarded for quantity of applications. Only apply for jobs that seriously interest you.
  • Keep a list of all the jobs for which you have applied – of both the employer and the job title (if possible, print the job description and hospital description) – and the dates when you applied. Although in your MedHunters account you can see which jobs you have applied for, when an employer calls, you may not have immediate access to the information. If you keep a list, then you won't send duplicate applications, nor will you sound puzzled when the employer contacts you.
  • You may be "hotsexymama," but keep that email address for your personal use. Set up an email address just for job searching. And keep your email address for job searches simple and clear, for example,
  • Keep your job-search email inbox clear. You don't want to miss out on information and jobs because your inbox is full. And the good news? Chances are, if you have an email address that you use only for job searches, that inbox won't be full of spam.
  • If you are contacted about a job, but have changed your mind about it or have accepted another position, call or email the employer to let them know.

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