Limagrain Takes A Commercial License To CELLECTIS SA' I-Scei Meganuclease Technology For Use In Plants

Published: Jun 04, 2009

Parc Biocitech, Romainville - Chappes, June 2, 2009 - Cellectis S.A. (Alternext: ALCLS), a biotechnology company specialized in genome engineering, and Limagrain, an international cooperative group, announced today the signature of a non-exclusive license agreement on the use of the I-SceI meganuclease in plants. Following a successful research program under an April 2003 agreement between the parties, Limagrain exercised its option for a commercial license to use the Cellectis technology for the development of its agricultural products.

“We are happy to continue the collaboration with Limagrain into commercial development. By exercising its option for a license, Limagrain further substantiates our position in agricultural biotechnology, a market estimated at more than ten billion dollars with an annual growth rate in the order of fifteen percent (15%) and where our rational genome engineering technology brings an important competitive advantage. This commercial license taken by Limagrain brings us closer to having agricultural products based on our technologies on the market”, said André Choulika, CEO of Cellectis.

“This technology offers the possibility to create targeted insertions that allow the development of traits of interest to both the farmer and the consumer. It confirms Limagrain’s commitment to continue to invest in plant biotechnology. Biogemma, a plant biotechnology company in which we are a shareholder, is developing the technology and will be responsible for the production of the plants. Subsequently, the plants will be commercialized by Limagrain and other shareholders of Biogemma,” stated Daniel Chéron, CEO of Limagrain.

“This agreement is important because it complements our portfolio of technologies to develop genetically modified plants allowing the ability, among others, to assemble multiple traits of interest in a single plant. This is the result of years of extensive and efficient scientific collaboration. It opens the doors to new development opportunities,” said Pascual Perez, CEO of Biogemma.

About Cellectis S.A.

Cellectis S.A. ( is a world leader in genome engineering and genome surgery. For further information about Cellectis, visit our website at

About Groupe Limagrain

Limagrain is an international agricultural cooperative group, expert in the improvement of plants. It conducts its business within the framework of a global, sustainable vision of agriculture. Limagrain bases its development on two key components, innovation and the regulation of agricultural markets. The Group has strong competitive positions: No. 1 seeds company in Europe and No. 4 in the world through Vilmorin & Cie, European leader for functional flours through Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients and 2nd largest French industrial baker through Jacquet. For further information about Limagrain, visit our website at


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