LifeEar CORE: The 1st Hearing Aid You Program & Fine-Tune Yourself

App-Based Personalization Keeps Costs Low by Eliminating Hearing Center Visits

CHICAGO, May 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Until now, over-the-counter hearing aids have offered affordable alternatives to $2000-$4000-per-ear products that require multiple fitting and customization appointments, but none have been adjustable to the consumer's specific hearing needs. The new LifeEar CORE bridges the gap with a $799 patent-pending hearing aid that can be quickly and easily programmed to suit individual hearing abilities and preferences with a companion mobile app - all without leaving home either to purchase or personalize the device.

Simply order the LifeEar CORE by phone or online, insert in one ear, use the free LifeEar iOS or Android app to create a personal hearing profile based on your ability to hear a series of tones, and repeat with the other ear. Then - for the first time ever - the app will enable two levels of customization to tailor the settings to your personal hearing strengths and weaknesses. It will:

  • Automatically calculate and program your optimal settings via Bluetooth, using an algorithm that considers the hearing profile created by the app as well as your age and gender
  • Allow do-it-yourself fine-tuning for different listening environments, using an advanced settings option that can change the amount of noise reduction and high/low frequency settings for each environment with a few taps

While the app check isn't a substitute for a professional hearing test, the personalization that it makes possible provides better hearing correction than other over-the-counter options for consumers who cannot afford high-end hearing aids. The LifeEar CORE's lower cost stems from the elimination of middleman markups and brick-and-mortar locations operated by traditional hearing aid dispensers.

Hearing profiles can be repeated at regular intervals to determine whether the LifeEar aids need to be reprogrammed to accommodate age-related hearing changes. The company's support team can provide assistance by phone or email if needed.

The LifeEar CORE also offers:

  • The ability to discreetly change volume or listening environment (Automatic, Quiet, Conversation or Restaurant) from the LifeEar app, enabling easier and less conspicuous adjustments than using the small buttons on the hearing aid
  • Top-of-the-line audio quality, including dual directional microphones that automatically adapt to the user's surroundings without amplifying background noise, layered noise reduction that improves the user's hearing experience even in crowds, and more
  • A 45-day risk-free trial with a 100% moneyback guarantee
  • Free lifetime customer assistance to answer questions and provide adjustment assistance

Additional details and purchase information are available at

About LifeEar
LifeEar is dedicated to developing innovative, high-quality hearing solutions that are affordable, intuitive, easy to use, discreet, comfortable and personally adjustable using new smart technologies, making hearing correction more accessible to millions of consumers. LifeEar has extensive expertise in the global hearing market products, and its U.S. products are distributed by the largest direct-to-consumer hearing aid company in the country. For more information, visit



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