LGC Genomics GmbH Gains Illumina, Inc. CSPro Certification

Published: Aug 05, 2011

05 August 2011, UK – LGC Genomics is pleased to announce that it has successfully gained Illumina CSPro™ certification for sequencing, gaining entry to an elite global group of Illumina genomics service providers.

Illumina Inc., a San Diego-based company, provides leading-edge genetic analysis tools to genomics centres worldwide.

Illumina CSPro is the collaborative service provider partnership dedicated to ensure the delivery of the highest-quality data available for genetic analysis applications. LGC Genomics successfully completed a rigorous two-phase certification process that included minimum data generation, data certification and an on-site audit of the facility and processes.

Niels Kruize, Sales Director of LGC Genomics said: “This is an important development for our next generation sequencing service, proving that LGC Genomics is committed to providing customers with innovative and high-value solutions for their genomic research. We are very pleased to be certified by Illumina and have the quality of our service and data acknowledged as being world class.”

"Illumina CSPro recognises organisations that provide customers with industry-leading data quality and service in genetic analysis," said Karen Possemato, Illumina's Director of Corporate Marketing. "LGC Genomics is now a CSPro in Berlin, Germany able to provide sequencing services using Illumina technology. Now that LGC Genomics is a global CSPro partner, we are excited to work with them to make it easier for researchers in Germany to access the power of Illumina's genetic analysis technologies."

About LGC Genomics

A division of the LGC Group, LGC Genomics (www.lgcgenomics.com) delivers high quality services and products for DNA and genetic analysis and sample preparation including:

- Genotyping services

- DNA sequencing and next generation DNA sequencing services

- Genotyping assays and reagents

- DNA and RNA extraction services

- DNA extraction products

- Genomic services

- Instruments, reagents and consumables for molecular biology

- Pharmacogenetics and diagnostic services.

LGC (www.lgcgroup.com) is an international science-based company and market leader in analytical, forensic and diagnostic services and reference standards. Operating internationally through four divisions - LGC Forensics, LGC Genomics, LGC Standards and LGC Science & Technology - the LGC Group employs 1,460 staff in 31 laboratories and centres across Europe as well as in China, India and the US.

About Illumina

Illumina (www.illumina.com) is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of life science tools and integrated systems for the analysis of genetic variation and function. We provide innovative sequencing and array-based solutions for genotyping, copy number variation analysis, methylation studies, gene expression profiling, and low-multiplex analysis of DNA, RNA and protein. We also provide tools and services that are fuelling advances in consumer genomics and diagnostics. Our technology and products accelerate genetic analysis research and its application, paving the way for molecular medicine and ultimately transforming healthcare.

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