La Fondation Ipsen: "Epigenetic Dynamics in the Immune System"

Published: Feb 19, 2010

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The seventh meeting in the “Emergence and Convergence” series jointly organized by La Fondation IPSEN and Nature brings together today in San Antonio (Texas, USA) leading experts to discuss concepts emerging from gene regulation studies in immune cells that have led to insights into the initiation and maintenance of epigenetic chromatin marks necessary for proper differentiation and function of these cells in the immune system. The meeting was arranged by Laurie Dempsey (Nature Immunology, USA), Arianne Heinrichs (Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, UK), Yves Christen (La Fondation IPSEN, France) and Jacqueline Mervaillie (La Fondation IPSEN, France).

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