Kwivik Therapeutics Receives Market Clearance for O2Ventilate in India

Frisco, Texas, July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kwivik Therapeutics Inc (“Kwivik”), a medtech developer of disruptive technologies for respiratory and emergency medical markets today announced the Company has received market clearance for its O2Ventilate product from the Ministry of Health in India.

O2Ventilate is a Manual Emergency Ventilator system intended for the emergency, non-invasive ventilation of children and adults. The O2Ventilate device is intended for use by trained responders to manually provide emergency ventilation to a patient when a mechanical ventilator is not immediately available due to the COVID19 pandemic. The device does not require any battery or power to operate, is portable and ideal for use prior to or during transportation to the hospital or ER. Beyond its evident use in COVID19 emergencies, O2Ventilate is used in any situation with a need to deliver positive pressure oxygenated ventilation to any patient with insufficient or ineffective breaths.

“We are very pleased to advance the earnest work of making a difference in the fight against COVID19 in India, as well as the rest of the world,” said Julian Ross, CEO of Kwivik Therapeutics. O2Ventilate is ideal for use while waiting for or being transported to professional care.”

O2Ventilate forms part of a range Kwivik’s lifesaving products focused on the pre-hospital space, where lay rescuers or trained rescuers alike can improve outcomes, with high impact, in medical or respiratory distress situations. Additional information regarding O2Ventilate can be found here:

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