KMR Group Release: 350,000 Reasons Site Scorecard Helps Pharma Select Top Sites

Published: Sep 21, 2017

CHICAGO, Illinois, September 19, 2017 – KMR Group uploaded their newest set of site performance data into their Site Scorecard application. The newest upload aggregates more than 350,000 site performance data records to provide users with over 70,000 unique sites from which to evaluate. Site Scorecard continues to surpass growth expectations with an almost 100% increase in additional site records and 40% increase in unique sites in just one year. Site Scorecard helps pharmaceutical companies and CROs identify and select sites using a performance based approach for clinical trials.

By presenting each sites’ individual performance for specific diseases, the scorecards are invaluable in the site selection process of clinical trials. The data is not available through public sources.

Without access to site performance data, site selection is limited to only past experience with the site and soft, non-validated data from publicly available domains and site registries. Site Scorecard is the only resource which uses hard performance data as a driver in helping companies identify and select sites. Pharma and CROs use Site Scorecard to find new or top performing sites, to evaluate the potential for a given site’s performance for a specific trial, to inform their discussions with sites, better understand their own company’s site performance, and to set realistic performance expectations when selecting sites in new countries or diseases.

Site Scorecard provides site performance information on a global level, with address and contact information (i.e., phone number and web site) provided for each site to facilitate the selection process.

Companies licensing the tool use the application to not only obtain individual scorecards for the sites they are considering for their upcoming trials, but also to obtain lists of sites that they can rank by the criteria important to them; criteria such as: site start up, randomization cycle time, and drop-out rate. In addition to looking at the raw metric values, the data can also be normalized in a variety of ways, including by trial. Sites can be ranked accounting for the disease and region, or at the most granular level, accounting for the protocol complexity.

KMR Group is able to offer Site Scorecard through its careful aggregation of over 350,000 data records (and counting) of site performance across companies. Each site record being standardized and coded to a unique Institution and Site ID. “Site Scorecard contains the industry’s only source for vetted site performance data on interventional clinical trials. With the overall cost spent on a single site well into the six figures, using trusted source performance data in the site selection process is an absolute must have.” Linda Martin, President and Founder of KMR Group.

For more information about KMR Group’s Site Scorecard or other clinical tools contact: Lyndsey McKay, Associate Director, Marketing Tel: +1 (312) 795-0400 Email: lmckay [at]

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