Klue Announces Strategic Partnerships at Stanford University and With Crossover Health

Launches Mindful Eating Messenger and Hydration Coach at HLTH conference

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Klue, a software company focused on behavior tracking and change, announced today two key partnerships, at Stanford University, and with Crossover Health, a leading provider of next-generation, employer-sponsored health care. Klue also announced it will unveil the first two modules for its partner-driven operating system at the HLTH conference, May 7, in Las Vegas.

“Our work with Crossover Health and at Stanford University are key to further accelerating our discovery of the full potential of Klue,” said Klue’s CEO and co-founder Katelijn Vleugels. “Our partnership with Crossover Health is a first-of-its-kind AI solution for behavior change deployed within an evidence-based setting.”

Klue’s collaboration at Stanford University is led by Dr. Christopher Gardner, Professor of Medicine and Director of Nutrition Studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center. Through this venture a five week clinical study was recently undertaken to explore the potential impact of Klue’s Mindful Eating Messenger and Hydration Coach on consumption behaviors and eating and drinking mindfulness. The resulting work creates a unique opportunity to deepen the scientific understanding of dietary behaviors and the impact of wearable technology and personalized, real-time micro-nudges on dietary behavior modification.

“How we eat is complex, an elaborate set of interacting behaviors, many of which we just don’t fully understand,” said Dr. Gardner. “Our nutrition studies research group was pleased to work with Klue to explore behaviors that impact eating, and how that might unlock new behaviors that can benefit us. Just sharing best practices with a patient, or sharing nutritional knowledge is not enough; time and again it has been proven that education efforts that increase knowledge often fail to lead to meaningful and lasting behavior change. Making behavior change easier through scalable science-based and real time coaching and monitoring is a very interesting new approach to pursue.”

Klue is also partnering with Crossover Health in its Bay Area clinics. Crossover Health is leading health activist employers across the U.S. in providing a comprehensive health management platform consisting of physical clinics, comprehensive virtual care, and digital health enabled population services.

“We see technology as a critical element of our care model, both to improve the patient experience and to amplify clinical outcomes. In our review of the market, we selected Klue as a partner based on their commitment to behavior change, complementing our mission to curate and integrate evidence-based point solutions,” said Crossover Health Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. Karoline Hilu.

As part of the HLTH conference’s Announcement Spotlights sessions at 4:30 p.m. on May 7, Vleugels will show how off-the-shelf wearables can recognize subtle, unique hand movements through Klue’s patent pending artificial intelligence-powered software. Vleugels will illustrate how this in turn allows Klue to accurately extract and measure these real-time behaviors and power two new micro-nudge modules. The company will also be available throughout the event at Startup Street Kiosk S53.

“We are showing that the wrist’s movements themselves contain uniquely valuable insights from which we can unlock new behaviors in ways that weren’t previously possible,” said Vleugels. “Because what we do with our hands is key to very important behaviors, like eating for instance, being able to read the hands’ movements for the first time opens the door to offering users automatic micro-nudges that can lead to better habits.”

The Mindful Eating Messenger module recognizes when, how fast and how much a person consumes. It can then offer personalized, actionable micro-nudges to adopt specific consumption behaviors, such as eating more slowly or avoiding late-night snacking, empowering users to create and hold onto new habits that can turn around obesity or accelerate the achievement of top performance.

The new Hydration Coach allows users to set their own unique daily hydration goals, and automatically tracks progress against those goals, coaching users through the day to stay properly hydrated. Nudges and progress are personalized to each user and the particular demands of their day.

About Klue

Klue is a technology company developing a groundbreaking operating system for behavior change. Initially focused on the ability to detect when and how a user eats and drinks, Klue is building a platform that elevates the more important consumption patterns and enables partners to create more insightful, real-time engagements that enhance the outcomes of their existing paradigms. For more information, please visit www.goklue.com.




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