Kerecis to Donate its FDA-Approved Fish Skin Treatment for Burn Victims of West Coast Fires

ARLINGTON, Va. & REYKJAVIK, Iceland--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kerecis®, the company pioneering the use of fish skin and fatty acids for tissue regeneration and protection, is donating its Kerecis Omega3 Burn product for burn victims of the fires in California, Oregon and Washington. Qualified medical personnel wanting to take advantage of this offer should contact

“These horrific fires are having a devastating effect on human lives and habitat,” said G. Fertram Sigurjonsson, founder and CEO of Kerecis. “We want to help those who have been burned to heal as quickly and easily as possible. We encourage medical professionals to contact us to get a supply of Kerecis Omega3 Burn for their patients.”

About Kerecis Omega3 Burn

Kerecis Omega3 Burn is intact fish skin that, when grafted onto damaged human tissue, recruits the body’s own cells and ultimately is converted into living tissue. Because no disease-transfer risk exists between cold-water fish and humans, the Kerecis fish skin is only gently processed and retains its similarity to human skin, making it an ideal skin substitute. The fish skin contains Omega3 fatty acids and multiple proteins that help the product to become incorporated into the body quickly, while providing a much-needed bacterial barrier to protect the wound bed. Clinical studies have found that the Kerecis products heal wounds faster than competitive products, so patients can be ready for additional tissue building and/or move directly to split-thickness skin grafting in record time. Kerecis Omega3 Burn is available for the treatment of humans as well as for animals.

About Kerecis

Kerecis is pioneering the use of fish skin and fatty acids in the globally expanding cellular- therapy and regenerative-medicine market. The Kerecis fatty-acid-rich intact fish skin protects the body’s tissues and enables the body to regenerate tissues. The Kerecis sprayable fatty-acid topical and oral formulations protect the body from bacterial and viral infections.

The Kerecis products, which are based on fish skin and fatty acids, are currently being used to regenerate tissue in diabetic and trauma wounds (including burns), and for infection control. Kerecis is also developing products for areas such as oral surgery, plastic surgery and neurological applications.

The company’s mission is to extend human life by supporting the body’s own ability to regenerate, and its vision is to become the world leader in tissue regeneration by sustainably harnessing nature’s own remedies. For more information, visit


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Source: Kerecis

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