Keeping Track Of The Latest Advancements In Bioinformatics Technology

Published: Nov 27, 2009

Keeping Track Of The Latest Advancements In Bioinformatics Technology
November 27, 2009


Bioinformatics technology is the application of computers or computational tools to enhance biological data management and access for educational or research purposes worldwide. Advancements in bioinformatics technology paralleled the growth of experiments "in silico," which describes the science of biological data processing that requires access to computer and Internet connections. Keeping track of the developments in bioinformatics technologies helps in attaining its full experimental and analytical potential.

Step 1
Look for and join the bioinformatics technology networks or organizations available in your state or country. For instance, join the membership program of Bioinformatics Organization, Inc., by filling out the registration form on their website. The American Medical Informatics Association, the International Society for Computational Biology, and the National Bioinformatics Institute are other good resources and networking associations in the bioinformatics field.

Step 2
Attend bioinformatics conferences, seminars, and workshops held by your chosen organizations. The conferences are usually published on the "Events" or "Calendar" section of bioinformatics websites. For example, the website announces the upcoming events through their "education calendar" section.

Step 3
Read and understand the journals, magazines, blogs, or e-books provided by bioinformatics organizations and related publications. For instance, the "Bioinformatics Papers" section of the Bioinformatics World Wide (BWW) website serves as their blog where they publish and feature the latest stories and biotech related articles.

Step 4
Listen and subscribe to Bioinformatics podcasts or related audio reports. The podcasts are usually listed under the "Multimedia" or "Podcasts" section of websites. For example, offers podcasts related to bioinformatics on their "Nature Podcasts" section.

Step 5
Watch bioinformatics videos, presentations, and documentaries. These are often readily available online via streaming video sites. The videos are placed usually under the "Multimedia" or "Video" section of websites. Note that some software or plugins like "flash browser or macromedia plugin" are required before you'll be able to view the videos.

Step 6
Participate in "Forum" discussions and subscribe to "RSS feeds" and "Mailing Lists" of Bioinformatics networks. Usually, you will receive the updates via email notifications, or depending on how and when you want to receive the updates. Normally, you'll just have to click on the "Subscribe" option to be a part of their mailing list.

International Bioinformatics Technology network or organizations give global and more comprehensive updates, but may require a higher amount of subscription fee. Opt in to open access networks if you want free access to online resources such as open source software.

The Bioinformatics organizations cited here serve only as an example and do not imply any endorsement.

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