KD Scientific, Inc.: New Disposable Infusion Pump Minimizes Cross Contamination

Published: Jul 31, 2009

The KD Scientific EZFlow 2050 disposable infusion pump is simple, convenient, and affordable. It is designed to electronically deliver continuous, constantly controlled infusions and will meet the CE 0197 certification.

To operate, simply dial to set infusion rate in seconds, with flow rates ranging from 2 to 10 ml/hr. Choice of 100 ml or 260 ml sterilized reservoir box. The pump can be used multiple times, the reservoir needs to be disposed of after each use. The KDS EZFlow 2050 disposable infusion pump is portable and user friendly. It offers a new alternative for micro reliable infusions. It comes complete with a convenient carrying belt.

The KDS EZFlow 2050 uses 2 AA batteries, up to 400 hours at 1 ml/hr. The pump is completely portable weighing less than 200 g (0.44 lbs).

KD Scientific designs, manufactures and sells a range of quality fluidics equipment used by research laboratory markets worldwide.

KD Scientific syringe pumps are an economical solution to delivering precise and smooth flow in research, pilot plants and production applications. They are recognized worldwide for quality, accuracy and reliability. A broad line of syringe pumps are offered: from a simple one syringe infuse only, to a programmable multi-syringe infuse/withdrawal pump. KD Scientific operates as a separate business within Harvard Bioscience at their Holliston, Massachusetts facility.

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